See “Xu Zhen” at the Long Museum


 In the warm spring when flowers blossom, people can go to the Long Museum West Bund located on 3398 Long Teng Avenue and visit the Xu Zhen Art Exhibition that is elaborately designed for the first anniversary celebration of the Museum, at the same time appreciating the thriving sakura. 

Xu Zhen is a Shanghai local artist. The works exhibited this time involve various topics of global culture with his usual manner of humor. The newly created Europe Thousand Hand Classic Sculpture collected 19 western classic sculptures of different shapes, borrowing the Buddhist thousand-hand Kwan-yin form, integrating form and spirit to present a vigorous vitality and striking visual impact. “Immortality – Double Head Support and Single Hand Balance Sculpture” joins two western sculptures, perfectly reflects balance between strength and faith through absurd yet nerve-racking visual impact. “Topless Curved-Neck Bottle” (left) twists the neck of classic Chinese antique ceramic by 90 degree, achieving the great movement in the history of ceramics. The exhibition also includes early works of Xu Zhen, including video recording “Crying” made in 1998, and “Rainbow”, a work of youngest Chinese artist displayed at the Biennale in Venice. The exhibition will continue till May 24.