Hengshan Fang fully occupied


Hengshan Fang started tenants attraction after its renovation was completed. Up to date, about 7,159.1 square meters has been leased out, which means the facility has been completely occupied. About 75.6% of the businesses have started operation. The promotion of this project to tenants has achieved milestone success. 

Hengshan Fang is made up of 11 garden villas and two new lane apartment buildings, with about 7,300 square meters of construction area. The project is positioned to be art and creation office, boutique commerce, exquisite life and delicate gourmet. By integrating culture and boutique commerce, the project has attracted exotic restaurants, famous art galleries and creation offices in addition to internationally high-end designers branded retailing stores. To name a few, there is “ARARIO”, the famous art gallery in Asia, “MAO SPACE”, a famous Chinese art gallery, “MEISSEN”, top-class European china brand, “Exception de Mixmind” and “Urlazh”, top-class Chinese designers brand, “Fang Suo Commune”, the most beautiful bookstore in China and “OASIS”, the fashionable and creative service office, etc. There are restaurants serving Spanish and Italian gourmet, “Aida” the first one-century old Austrian coffee brand that has come to China, “Toyako” Kaiseki Japanese restaurant with Hakkaido flavor. Starbucks has opened the milestone 500th store in the East China region here. These brands will interact with and supplement the main business of the shopping circle, presenting more “slow life” elements and making Hengshan Fang an elegant and elaborate backyard of Xujiahui.