Shanghai Urban Space Art Season to start


Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2015 (SUSAS) will be kicked off in Shanghai in September and last three months, with Shanghai Urban Sculpture Committee as the sponsor, Shanghai Municipal Planning and National Land Resources Administrative Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV, and Xuhui District People’s Government as the organizers.    

As learned from the press conference held recently, the first SUSAS, with “Urban Regeneration” as the theme and “Boosting City with Culture and Building City with Art” as the concept, aims to forge the brand of urban space art event which is international, public and practical and promotes the transformation of Shanghai. 
“We hope to convey the concept of urban regeneration to the public,” said Wu Jiang, key Chinese planner of the SUSAS. Wu is also Vice President is Tongji University and academician of Academie d'Architecture in France. Different from massive dismantling and construction, urban regeneration stresses regenerating what exists rather than increasing to create space for economic and social development in the city. Urban regeneration will become a new character of Shanghai’s urban development in the future. 
Famous artists, architects and exhibition planners will be invited from home and abroad to the SUSAS to design public space art and scenic environment that meets aesthetic needs and is pioneering at the same time. Exhibitions on practical cases and civil cultural activities will be held in public spaces that are closely linked with people’s lives, such as conventional blocks, industrial heritage, civil engineering facilities, green square, communities and Earth Art Center, etc. The purpose is to demonstrate public art renovation and implementation effects in public space. 15 practical cases in 11 districts and counties of Shanghai will then be displayed.   
The main exhibition and forum will be unveiled at West Bund Art Center on September 29. There will be activities every day since then. 
The theme activities of the SUSAS include main exhibition and serial forums. The main exhibition includes “Theme Elaboration: Documents & Topics” and four sub-topics such as “Recall: Inheritance and Evolution”, “Foresee: Emerging Urban Model”, “Mapping: A Tale of Cities and Villages” and “Interaction: Art Intervention in Public Space”, elaborating urban regeneration from history, future, rural and art perspectives. There will be two special exhibitions that will catch people’s eyeballs: Exhibition of 25th Anniversary of Mies van der Rohe Award which will present the most outstanding architectural works of Europe in the past decades while Shanghai Special Exhibition will feature the collection of achievements of Shanghai’s urban regeneration in the past more than two decades.      
(Source: Jiefang Daily)