Mondelēz China Joins Hands with Shanghai Xuhui District to Promote Economic Development


Yesterday, senior officials from Xuhui District visited Mondelēz China headquarters for a business casual meeting, during which we exchanged ideas and had an in-depth discussion about the past, present, and future of our relationship. The meeting, which was planned to take 30 minutes, lasted for nearly two hours. We found that both sides shared many common ideas and the sparks of inspiration lit up the room.


Mondelēz China has been headquartered in Xuhui District since 2007 and since that time it has always received the support from the Xuhui government. Yesterday’s visit by officials including the mayor of Xuhui District, the District Business Committee and Hunan Street Subdistrict Office. I am pleased and grateful we had the opportunity to discuss Mondelēz China business plan and our strategies in China with the government team. We especially appreciated the Mayor sharing the development strategies for Xuhui District and their operating philosophies. From our meeting, Mayor Fang impressed us all with his powerful long-term vision but also his pragmatism in supporting growth over the short-term.


In the following interview, I express my thoughts on Xuhui District and my hopes for the future:

As the president of Mondelez China, what do you think of the enterprise service provided by the Xuhui government?

 I think the service provided by the Xuhui government to enterprises is superb. It is probably the best model I've seen in China, and when I talk to other companies about their engagement they speak very highly of our interaction with the Xuhui government. I like the professional interaction, the advice and the great business suggestions that the Xuhui government provides us. The other thing that is very interesting is on the soft side. The Xuhui government is really doing a lot to develop the local area, to make it a place where people not only enjoy working but also enjoy spending time with their families. There is a lot of culture, a lot of activities and a lot of fun. And a happy organization is a more productive organization.

What are your thoughts and comments about the future investment invitation in Xuhui District?
Xuhui district makes it very easy to make investment decisions. They provide a portfolio of ways to look at how to do business, and how to bring in better equipped employees, how to improve the productivity within the area, and how to invest money so that we grow with social harmony and increase the productivity of the organization by providing more opportunities through our growth. And this may be a little secret that no one knows, but within Xuhui district there are a number of people in organization, that through advice and the investment we made in them are now in responsible positions across the Asia-Pacific region. So it's not only helping in Xuhui, Shanghai and China, it's helping in the whole of Asia.

What new development programs does Mondelēz China have in Xuhui District in the future?
Well this is something I’m very excited about, we have a lot of opportunities not only in China, a lot of our employees in Xuhui district are taking on greater responsibilities across China and across Asia Pacific. The Xuhui government has also provided support for our investment and engagement in e-commerce. We have the most rapidly growing e-commerce business in the Mondelēz world. Based in Xuhui district with our brands, we are becoming the showcase for e-commerce and how to win in e-commerce across the Mondelēz world. That’s not only developing our employees for the future, it's also developing future business opportunities and it's getting us into the cutting edge of online and digital.