TAYOHYA Opens New Store at Hema Xiansheng


Customers are enjoying exclusive high-end salons   Photograph by Wu Mei


Headquartered in Xuhui District, TAYOHYA has been closely following the development of the Internet era and on December 16, it opened another store at Hema Xiansheng, where consumers can place an order online as they shop at the store. The order system will then combine the online and in-store orders together for delivery, which will be completed in half an hour within a 5 km range.


"The new store is lovingly referred to as 'Elegant Life Experience Theater', and this is a 'new home' our members," said Ms. Pan Shuzhen, chairman of TAYOHYA.


Distinguished from other TAYOHYA stores in the country, this new store is designed with brand-new ideas in addition to building itself into an exclusive life theater for its members. IT only offers products for the kitchen, the dining room, the tea set, the coffee, to be consistent with Hema Xiansheng's main shopping theme.


TAYOHYA has also upgraded its membership system, which now allows limitless access to its service regardless of the opening time of the physical venue on a cell phone. According to its customer service, "Customers can do shopping 24/7 via Hema Shengxian’s APP and our mobile store, and we will offer our best service with great speed and after-sales service.”


The new TAYOHYA, known as “Elegant Life Experience Theater”, is more about display, setting, experience and service, where a variety of aesthetic salons will also be presented to customers who can choose to attend any of them with their shopping scores. Some themes of the salons are: flower arrangement courses by flower artists from Taiwan, coffee taste courses, and cooking courses by Internet celebrities.