Traditional Chinese Culture Introduced to Hi-Tech Park


Inheritor Sun Jihai is teaching paper cutting techniques, photography by Geng Jieyu


On January 4 of the new year, a traditional culture introduction campaign, titled “Shiny Hongmei”, was held at Caohejing Hi-tech Park, co-initiated by the Sub-district Office, Shanghai Youth Calligraphers Association, Xuhui Calligraphers Association, Xuhui Intangible Cultural Heritage Office and Cultural Center of Hongmei Sub-district ". The campaign was intended to promote traditional culture and pass on intangible cultural heritage during the noon break of white-collar workers.


As this Spring Festival comes early, the campaign aimed at couplets writing, to character Fu giving out, paper-cutting and dough shaping. At the event, a dozen renowned calligraphers including Dai Xiaojing, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Calligraphers Association and Lu Xinyuan, Chairman of Shanghai Youth Calligraphers Association, wrote down words of blessings for white-collar workers. Lu Xinyuan told reporters that in previous years, calligrapher associations had visited communities and construction sites, and sent new year wishes with couplets and Fu characters for residents and migrant, which were all well received. This is the first time they visited the Hi-tech park, which was also quite a hit that a lot of white-collar workers were waiting in lines before calligraphers, who wrote couplets in 5 or 7 characters for them.


As the Spring Festival is approaching, paper cutting is also particularly popular. Shanghai’s paper cutting is inclusive of both the northern and southern styles, and is thus exquisite. Sun Jihai, a Xuhui inheritor of Shanghai’s paper cutting project, was also present in the event. With his explanation, many white-collar workers tried it with great interest. In addition, dough shaping techniques were also demonstrated and shared.


According to the organizers, in addition to the main venue located in the park, there is also a sub-venue at the sub-center of Cultural Center of Hongmei Sub-district (Hongmei Library), where Hongmei Art Troupe wrote and gave out couplets for residents.