Population and Employment


Population and Family Planning


At the end of 2015, the registered population of the region was 919,700, a net increase of 1,500 than the previous year. The residential population totaled 1.0891 million, a decrease of 20,600 than the previous year. The region's newly-born population through the year was 6,962, constituting a birth rate of 7.58 ‰; with 7,805 deaths, the mortality rate was 8.49 ‰; the annual population growth rate was -0.91 ‰.


Labor and Employment


At the end of 2015, the number of registered unemployed urban citizens in Xuhui was 19,142, which was below the quota of 19,800. 42,636 new jobs were created. 670,773 training sessions on different subjects were conducted, where 31,423 attendees were covered by government subsidies; 19,679 advanced-or-higher skill training sessions were completed. Wages of 206,814 people were agreed through the collective consultation mechanism.