Education and Culture


As part of its efforts in fully implementing the comprehensive education reform, Xuhui set up the Nan Yang Model Education Group, making itself the first district in Shanghai with a full schooling coverage in all neighborhoods. As it keeps establishing new and high-quality schools to promote education, Xuhui was awarded as a Model District for the national objective of universal nine-year compulsory education and eliminating young and middle-aged illiteracy. In addressing the problems of admission, Xuhui has established 1 nine-year school, 2 elementary schools, 5 kindergartens and 9 teaching sites in kindergartens.


Xuhui has created China's first batch of public cultural service demonstration areas, with 211 entertainment rooms under residential committee transformed into cultural display venues. Also, Xuhui is working on establishing 30-minute sports circles, and has been successfully listed as Shanghai’s first National Sports Industry Demonstration Base.