Endless Endeavor for Administration Innovations Has Brought Improved Urban Environment


In line with the principles of tidiness, orderliness and security, Xuhui has been innovating its administrative mechanisms on urban and residential areas, extending its efforts in comprehensive governance, and improving the delicacy management capacity. The ecological environment has been significantly enhanced. It has established a comprehensive grid management system covering the district—sub-districts and towns—residential areas levels; in facilitating its preparation to be listed as a National Civilized Urban Area, Xuhui has effectively tackled serous issues including disorderly stalls and unlicensed operations. Following Shanghai's campaign against illegal buildings and operations, Xuhui has strengthened its supervising power on illegal buildings, which has led to the complete removal of potentially risky sites including the high-voltage line above Guijiang Road, and a total area of demolished illegal buildings of 1.8 million square meters in 5 years. In addition, Xuhui has been working on a clean air project by closing 3 concrete mixing stations and 10 dregs and sand terminals along Longwu Road and Dianpu River, which has led to a total dust full decrease of 33.8%. It has also devised a river monitor system as well as different policies for different rivers, resulting in the successful management of the filthy Chunshen Port and Sanyou River. To improve the ecological environment, the district has completed the greenway in Xujiahui Park project and the Donghu public green space projects, and has created 46.4 hectares of public green space and 6.2 km of urban greenways, contributing to a green coverage rate of 29%.