Zhu Lan Named a Most Beautiful Doctor


On the evening of March 16, the “2016 Most Beautiful Doctors” campaign, supported by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and CCTV, was officially concluded with winners. Two doctors from Shanghai won the title, one of whom is Wu Mengchao, "father of China’s liver treatment" and research fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the other is Zhu Lan, a family physician from the Xietu Sub-District Health Service Center of Xuhui District: a good doctor in the neighborhood and a top-notch medical researcher, the doctor community in Shanghai has offered its unique interpretation of the beauty of doctors.


As a family physician, Zhu Lan is known by most residents of Xuhui. She treats minor diseases, takes care of chronic diseases, and helps prevent major diseases; she identifies her value in patients' needs and sees the patient as her family. In the 18 years as a physician, she approaches to patients’ mind with love, sincerity and care, and looks to enhance her service with great attention, meticulousness and responsibility. To residents, she is a walking hospital and a superwoman. At the award ceremony, her contract resident representatives appeared on the stage and shook hands with her. When asked what the difference is between a community doctor and a family physician and what the duties are of a family physician, Zhu Lan said the community doctor is a collective name for medical staff working in communities and that family physicians are not only different from community doctors, but different from general practitioners. Family physicians are mainly about their position, and to become a family physician, one should meet the three conditions: he/she should be a general practitioner, who works in the community, and has signed service contracts with a certain number of families in the community. The positioning of the family physician is the residents’ medical and healthcare friend who is entitled to provide whole-process, all-round, full life-cycle health management service.

(Source: xuhuibao.com)