2nd Seminar for District Mayors: Urban Design


Professor Zhang Yonghe, a famous architect, was invited to provide a presentation on urban design on the 2nd seminar for district mayors of the 16th administration of the district government on the morning of June 14. Professor Zhang covered urban planning issues facing the world, China, Shang and Xuhui district in urbanization and proposed related solutions. Moreover, he offered advices on the district’s urban planning.


After the presentation, Fang Shizong, the Deputy Secretary for CPC’s District Committee and District Mayor, remarked that urban design is something between urban planning, landscape architecture, and architectural design. Paying more attention to the overall aesthetic value of the public space and urban image is an effective strategy for urban planning, architectural design and featured cityscape development, according to Fang. Mr. Fang also stressed priorities in urban design. Firstly, he underpinned the importance of unique district cityscape, drawing upon international experience, following the rule of urbanization, and protecting the city’s individuality. He required the district to ensure the sustainability and visibility of culture and showcase the district’s cultural identity while restoring the ecosystem and historical buildings in Hengshan-Fuxing Road Historic Reservation Area, Xujiahui District. Secondly, he highlighted humanity and in public space. Specifically, he required the district to value residents’ experience by careful design of traffic, infrastructure and street facilities to deliver more enjoyable, accessible and inclusive pubic space with aesthetic value so that residents have better experience. Thirdly, he stressed that the district should innovate policies to involve more parties. The district should coordinate the efforts of governments, the society, the public and experts, respect citizen’s right to know, participate in and oversee urban planning decision-making procedures, and encourage companies, citizens and the society to involve in the whole process of urban planning and development management to improve the modernization of urban governance, with the principle of “joint administration, management, development and benefit-sharing”.

(Source: District Government Office)