Role Model Teenagers


 The opening ceremony of “Learning from Role Model Teenagers of Xuhui District for 2017” was held at Guangqi Primary School on the morning of June 16. Ten role model teenagers, namely Ming Jiayun from Longhua Middle School affiliated to Shanghai Normal University, Yan Haoyang from Primary School affiliated to Jiaotong University, Cheng Yuwen from Shanghai Nanyang High School, Huang Tianling from Middle School affiliated to East China University of Science and Technology, Mao Haolin from Shanghai Primary School, Liu Yifan from Shanghai Information Management School, He Chenyu from Aiju PrimarySchool, Yu Yi from Huishi Primary School, Zhang Xingyuan from Middle School affiliated to Xuhui Training Institute for Teachers, and Lu Yichen from World Foreign Language Primary School, were awarded medals for their “righteousness & bravery”, “thrifty”, “self-respect”, and other virtues. The event prompted primary school and middle school students in the district to learn from those role models.


The above event was an essential part of Xuhui district’s efforts in enhancing minors’ moral awareness and advocating the socialist core values. In 2017, based on implementation rules of “My Chinese Dream”, District Civilization Office, District Education Bureau, District Committee of Chinese Communist Youth League, and District Women's Federation jointly launched the campaign themed on “Venerating Virtues & Learning from Role Models” among 86 schools in the district. Each school selected candidates who are embodiments of core virtues such as independence, self-respect, integrity, righteousness & bravery, thrifty, respecting the old & caring for the young, respecting teachers & eagerness to learn, devotion and environmental protection. After level-to-level screening, of the 100 district “virtuous teenagers” selected from 640 candidates, 10 won the award of “role model teenager”.


At the ceremony, officials from competent departments of municipality and district levels awarded certificates to those winners, while the student representative encouraged all to learn from such role models. In plain language yet touching account, Greet Deeds of Role Model Teenagers represented the virtues of such teens. “Ode to Virtuous Teens” (snapshoot by Gu Zhenhua), an original song using Peking Opera techniques, fueled all student participants’ determination to seek virtuousness.


According to sources, Civilization Office of Xuhui District will issue the printed “Collected Stories of Role Model Teenagers in Xuhui District for 2017” in 2H17 and place publicity billboards for those teens in schools and communities. All schools will guide minors to learn from such role models, seek virtuousness and contribute to the development of campus via innovative approaches in publicity, teaching and practices.