3rd Training for Officials from Tibet’s Sagya Kicks off in CPC Xuhui District School


 The opening ceremony for the third round of training for officials from Tibet’s Sagya County was held in Chinese Communist Party (CPC) Xuhui District School on the morning of June 19, 2017. 30 officials from Tibet’s Sagya County government, committees, offices, bureaus, as well as town- and village-level governments attended the training. Mr. Li Zongjian, Associate Professor of CPC Xuhui District School, is one of the lecturers. He interprets President Xi Jinping’s new idea, concepts and strategies on state governance and administration in terms of historical background, logic system and Marxism’s values and methodologies involved, as well as major contribution of such new ideas and strategies.


A snapshot of trainees listening attentively.


Reported and photographed by Gu Zhenhua

(Source: xuhuibao.com)