Music Day 2017 Launched in West Bund, Highlighting Summer with Free Concerts


 From June 23 to 25, as part of the Croisements Festival, the Music Day 2017 (Fete de la Musique 2017) held a series of open free concerts in Shanghai. The event was co-organized by the French Embassy in China and the French Consulate General in Shanghai, featuring the opening concert at the West Bund Art Center in Xuhui Riverside region, which highlighted this hot summer with beautiful music (as shown in the picture).


The Music Day is a is a large, free and popular festival dedicated to all types of music – from jazz to pop and rock, classical music and world music, which was created in 1982 by Jack Lang, the then French Minister of Culture. It has been a great success since its inception. Now extended to the whole world, the festival is celebrated in more than 450 cities in 100 countries from the five continents. In the recent 11 years, a number of Chinese cities have also been involved.


In 2016, the Music Day in China attracted nearly 3.8 million music lovers (onsite, on TV and PPTV), which was among the most popular cultural exchange projects by the French Embassy in China. This year, it renewed its partnership with PPTV for livestreaming.


On 6pm on June 23th at Venue B of West Bund Art Center, the evening was lit up by King Krab, Taiwan MC and French 79, together with Chinese groups of Da Fresh, Duck Fight Goose and Chacha& DJ Aivilox. Psychedelic pop, funk, electro, rock, and hip hop—different music styles met the demands of all trend setters.


In the act of the event, many fans of the performing bands came with cards on which names of their idols were written, some came with friends, and residents from neighboring communities also came to enjoy the show. Some middle-aged photographers were shooting the feast, and all audience were sipping their lollipops and moved and relaxed their body to the beats of the music. After West Bund Group launched an open registration on its official WeChat account, a great many enthusiasts rushed to sign up. On the opening concert day, despite the rain, audience were still extremely excited. Considering that the opening concert was at lunch time, the organize prepared iced beverage and take-outs inside and outside the venue.


West Bund is all for everyone to discover. As the last heavyweight event of ART WEST BUND in this spring and summer, West Bund Group held this music feast to help people relax and relieve. The Music Day will also give free performances at other places including Grand Gateway 66.