Xuhui Enters into Agreement on the Temporary Exhibition Space of Centre Pompidou


 Fang Shizhong, Mayor of Xuhui District, led a delegation to Centre Pompidou in Paris to discuss the setting up of a 5-year temporary exhibition space in the district, and witnessed the signing of an official strategic cooperation framework agreement between West Bund Group and Centre Pompidou.


The cooperative project will be open to the public from 2019 to 2024 at the West Bund Art Museum, which is located in the public open space of Xuhui Riverside region. It is currently the most enduring cultural exchange and cooperation project with the highest quality between China and France, and during the cooperation period, the West Bund Group will become the only partner of Centre Pompidou in conducting high-level and long-term cooperation in China, as well as its only partner in carrying out all cultural cooperation projects in the Yangtze River Delta region.

The picture shows the signing ceremony between Xuhui Government and Centre Pompidou. Photo and report by Zong He

(Source: xuhuibao.com)