Liujie Primary School Delegation Visits Shen Cuiying’s Office


An event was held to welcome Liujie Primary School delegation from Dujiangyan at No.440 Caobao Road, the new office of Shen Cuiying, fondly addressed "Shanghai Grandma" by pupils, at 3:00 pm on Aug. 15. Faculty members of Shanghai Jian'an Advanced Learning School and donators for Kiwi trees were also present at the event to share their views after their field trips to the Kiwi base in Dujianyan.(snapshot taken by Lu Xiang)


According to sources, Liujie Primary School is one of those funded by Shen Cuiying, who invited four outstanding student representatives to visit Shanghai during the summer vacation. "This is the first time our students have been outside their hometown Dujiangyan and also my first visit to Shanghai to experience the charm of the city. They were all very excited and grateful for Shen Cuiying's 'invitation' when visiting Disneyland, Oriental Pearl Tower, and Shanghai Museum, "said Liu, the leader of the delegation. Those pupils promised that they will work hard and contribute to the society as paybacks to Shen and other philanthropists for their kindness. Popular Holdings, Shanghai Jian’an Training School, Yingyi Urban Planning, Kanghua Group and other representatives of new business and social organizations in Xuhui District donated books and funds to Liujie Primary School.