New “Gadget” Discovery in Built Area of Xuhui Binjiang, Three New Landscape Bridges to Open at Year End


On the Mid-Autumn Festival, the completed area of Xuhui Binjiang received the first group of experiencing residents in the 45 km public space along the Huangpu River; hundreds of Xuhui residents felt cool autumn wind from the “Huangpu River at the doorway” in early autumn. By the end of this year, 8.4 km Xuhui Binjiang coastline from Rihui Port to Xupu Bridge will basically open, and 8.4 km riverside municipal roads, 5 landscape bridges (including 4 municipal bridges), 800,000 m2 public open spaces, 100,000 m2 riverside platforms, 30,000 m2 auxiliary architectures and about 9 km permeable asphalt running tracks will be built.


During the National Day Holiday, the reporter “recklessly walked” for 4 km, to visit the 3.3 km built section with upgraded quality and the newly-opened Yunjin Road Running Park, and find many new “gadgets” unwittingly attached to the famous “running place”.


“Auspicious Cloud” gathers popularity


On the eve of last National Day, Rihui River Footbridge linking Xuhui Binjiang and Huangpu Binjiang was officially opened; over one year, it has become a major sightseeing pedestrian bridge for Shanghai citizens to stroll along the Huangpu River. Heading for south along Rihui River Footbridge, the Xuhui Binjiang Planning Exhibition Center, the Start Museum under planning, the Gudi Huaxi and the Running Post just completed in July catch the eyes, followed by “Gelou Bookstore” hidden in the woods.


The bookstore is constructed by steel, wood and glass material; numerous floating platforms are interconnected through winding stairs and transparent glass curtain walls, while the crisscross overlapping steel structure composes the “bookshelf” of bookstore, so that the entire building seems like a forest house floating among the trees. The first floor platform of bookstore sells coffee and drinks, the second floor is reading space and the third floor roof is an outdoor observation platform with wide slope, overlooking the rainbow-like Lupu Bridge across the Huangpu River in near distance.


Upon visiting the well-designed forest house, passing the winding red runway, the Pet Amusement Park opened also in July, as well as the increasingly popular Skateboard Park and Basketball Park, a one-storey glass building like auspicious cloud meets the eye. This glass “auspicious cloud” under the landmark orange tower crane in Xuhui Binjiang is the West Bund Volunteer Service Center opened in July.


Around 3 p.m., four or five tourists were asking for directions from two volunteers in the service center. One of the volunteers told the reporter that over 3 months’ operation of the volunteer service center, in all help problems, “finding toilet” topped the list, followed by “finding drinking water”, “finding the road” and “finding the art museum”. The reporter notes that the service center provides not only rest area, book reading, travel information query and other self-service functions, but also first aid kit to treat minor skin trauma, plus about 20 USB interfaces for mobile phone charging.


On the eve of National Day, a new AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) emergency device was also available in the center. As introduced by volunteers, considering the public open space of Xuhui Binjiang covers running, outdoor rock-climbing, basketball, skateboarding and other sport spaces, an AED device is essential for cardiopulmonary rescue.


“Flying in clouds” on highway


The “neighbor” of “Auspicious Cloud” is the west bund adidas RUNBASE, behind which it is the Long Museum (the West Bank Museum) retaining the coal funnel of former sand dock. Looking upward, the 2F elevated walkway in east of Long Museum altered its original “high-cold style”; after opening, the weather cleared up and the walkway ushered in an endless stream of pedestrians during the National Day Holiday. Today, meandering along this riverside space of the Huangpu River most suitable for jogging, it is a new option of overlooking the river and appreciating such industrial relics as tower crane at a near distance.


After crossing the Longhua Gang Bridge, the most iconic maritime tower in Xuhui Binjiang is in the vicinity. The up and down road space adds great fun to walking. In fact, in most areas of Xuhui Binjiang’s public open space, the structure is “motorway + bicycle lane + walkway + running lane + riverside platform”, of which the vehicle-oriented Longteng Avenue, the bicycle lane and the normal walkway are at higher grounds, to ascend before entering the runway and water platform.


The reporter learned that current public open space of Xuhui Binjiang developed this multi-layer and stepping-style activity space from Longteng Avenue to the riverside platform, by means of gradient flood control wall, elevated road, etc. The gradient and falling city skyline also provides a chance of breathing for continuous walking experience, by a “breathable” river-sight avenue. In addition to the pure pedestrian landscape bridge of Rihui River Footbridge, the established Longhua Gang Bridge, the Zhangjiatang Bridge and the Dianpuhe Bridge under construction are municipal landscape bridges with separated flow of people and vehicles.


The entire open space of Xuhui Binjiang carried forward the development philosophy of slow system, and the Yunjin Road Running Park opened this July is a typical example of “parallel running of people and vehicles”. The reporter saw in the Running Park above the Metro Longyao Road Station, the rain garden, permeable pavement, ecological grass ditch, flower trail and other ecological spaces on one side of the Yunjin Road had completed construction, and the green plants on the other side was being laid. This narrow long and open garden has become a new destination for surrounding residents and builders to relax, and will be a precious “CBD green space” for 100,000 white-collars of the West Bund Media Port in the future.


Passing the Yuz Museum, the SCoP, the West Bund Art Center and other public cultural facilities, Xuhui Binjiang’s riverside space construction is approaching the end. The “vertical glass house” designed by the architect Zhang Yonghe is the “eye-catching point” here; this building resembles the shell of a cement box, with fully transparent glass ground.


At present, three major bridges in the 5.1km newly-built area of Xuhui Binjiang’s public open space are under construction, of which the Dianpuhe Bridge as the last water point to the southernmost Xupu Bridge has launched steel structure hoisting before the eve of National Day, and the lifting work is expected to complete in mid-November. Besides, the Zhangjiatang Bridge and the Chunshen Port Bridge across above the Shangzhong Road Tunnel have been built, available for passage.

(Source: Shanghai Observation)