Warm the Heart of “the Setting Sun” by Expressing Caring on the Double Ninth Festival


Respecting the elderly is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. On the eve of the Double Ninth Festival (the 9th day of the ninth lunar month) of this year, the leaders of the Party Committee, the National People’s Congress, the government and the Political Consultative Conference of the Xuhui District went to visit the geracomium institutions, the Community Care, and centenarians’ home, etc. respectively to send festival greetings to the elderly.


On the afternoon of October 27, Bao Bingzhang, Party Secretary of the CPC Xuhui District Committee, came to the Community Care of Jiangnan New Village of Xietu Sub-district to visit the elderly who were participating in activities there and brought them festival greetings.


Bao Bingzhang listened to the introduction of the staff of the Sub-district and affirmed the construction of the Community Care of Xietu Sub-district. He pointed out that the Community Care should play a leading role to promote the work for caring for the aged from point to the whole area and the community food-aid outlets and senior citizen activity room should give play to their functions to form meshing coverage so that senior citizens can enjoy day time care within 10 minutes’ walk. In the activity room, Bao Bingzhang cordially chatted with the elderly who participate in the day care there and gave them the blessing of the Double Ninth Festival. The old people said that the service there was very good, that the Community Care picked them up and drove them home, arranged various activities for them, and that they could chat with each other and participate in activities. Bao Bingzhang told the old people that the district explored to find the needs of the elderly and would try to improve the Community Care if the old people there had any complaint. In the future, the Community Care would arrange more activities to bring fresh feelings to the old people so as to attract more residents and make a public activity space needed and enjoyed by all, thus making the Community Care a good institution satisfied by the people.


On the eve of the Double Ninth Festival, Wang Chunchen, director of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the District, accompanied by the leaders of the Civil Affairs Bureau and the Sub-district, visited Shouchangfang Community Care located at Kangjian Sub-district, and visited Gao Weihan, a centenarian to give her festival greetings. When Wang Chunchen came to the Community Care, the children from the nearby kindergarten were just giving a performance for the elderly there and sending the Double Ninth Festival blessings for them. The old people grinned from ear to ear while watching the children's performance. Wang Chunchen praised the event, and she said that all the elderly loved children and if the children frequently visited the elderly here, they would be happier. Then, Wang Chunchen also visited the supporting facilities for the old people of the Community Care and enjoined the staff to take care of cleanness of the care area, the skid and fall resistance facilities of the bath room and other key areas so that the old people could live there happily and safely. Finally, Wang Chunchen also came to the home of centenarian Gao Weihan. Now Granny Gao is 101 years old. When she was young, she was a teacher and served the neighborhood committee after she retired. Seeing visitors, Granny Gao was very happy. She said that she was living with four generations and had a healthy body except that her hearing was not well. She thanked the Party and the government for providing such good conditions for the elderly. Wang Chunchen greeted Granny Gao and wished her healthy and happy on the Double Ninth Festival.


Hu Min, Chairman of the CPPCC of the District first came to the home of Sun Shujuan, a low-income senior citizen. Granny Sun is over 90 years old, but she is still very healthy. Granny Sun said that although she had no income, her children worked hard, were filial to her and moved her to live in a big house, that the government also cared for her very well by including her in the low-income insured system, which gave her convenience in life and medical treatment. She was very satisfied in life. Hu Min said that it was necessary to chat more with the needy people, especially the needy old people in the community to solve their troubles, care about them and to look after them properly. Then, Hu Min came to Earth Want (Shanghai) Health Management Co., Ltd. to investigate the day-time care of the old people there. Hu Min pointed out that the day-time care center should make the elderly feel at home. He encouraged the elderly to frequently visit the center and said that they need not worry about safety and food supply.


Recently, Tan Lin came to the home of model worker Cao Chengxian. Mr. Cao is 80 years old now. He was former general manager of Shanghai Dachang Children Food Factory and won the title of Shanghai model worker in 1988 and 1990. Mr. Cao said that his wife and he started their career by working at the food factory located at Xuhui District, so they always concerned about food safety as well as the development of Xuhui District. During the chatting, Tan Lin said that there were many talents living in the community and the senior Party members and senior work models were treasure of the community, and that during the comprehensive management of the community, the neighborhood committee and the Sub-district, even the District should listen to their suggestions, consulted them to pass down the spirit of model workers. Afterwards, Tan Lin came to the geracomium at Longwu Road. It is informed that the geracomium is a public nursing institution for the aged managed by private entity. The geracomium, with 175 beds, provides various services such as day time care, long-term living and supporting, recovery physical therapy, etc. On August 8, the geracomium started trail operation and the occupancy rate was up to 40% as soon as it started operation. In the recovery activity room, Tan Lin learned about the drugs for the aged and the combination of medical service and regimen and fully affirmed the measures such as regular door-to-door physical examination service provided by the geracomium for the elderly. She gave the old people their festival greetings and wished them good health and a long life. 

(Source: xuhuibao.com)