Xuhui’s "River Supervisor System" is Effective in River Course Remediation and Water Quality Improvement


Water quality in Beichaogang is improving  Photo by Wu Mei


Through the implementation of the "River Supervisor System", the entire Xuhui District has made joint efforts and the river improvement has achieved remarkable results. At present, the water quality of the river courses in Xuhui is generally improving, and the 8 black and smelly river courses are now off the list of the government. Predicting from the current water quality, the cross-sections reaching the examination standards in December are expected to increase to 6, exceeding the assessment tasks for this year.


Xuhui District is located close to the Huangpu River with a massive water network of 42 rivers totaling a length of 67 km. In 2017, the water quality assessment requirements for river courses in the district are: 8 black and smelly river courses (Chunshengang, Sanyou River, Tangwan River, Meilonggang, Dongshangao Tang, Puhui Tang, Caohejinggang-Longhuagang and Xixingang) are to be totally rid of the black color and odor; 3 more river courses are to meet the cross-section water quality standard (totaling 5 cross-sections up to the standards by the year end). According to an official at Xuhui Environmental Protection Agency, the assessment indicators and methods for black and smelly river courses and cross-sections are different. Black and smelly assessment standards include dissolved oxygen, redox potential, ammonia nitrogen and transparency, and the assessment is carried out after the water management project. The cross-section assessments, on the other hand, involves 11 indicators, including dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia nitrogen, biochemical oxygen demand on a five-day basis, permanganate index, total phosphorus, chemical oxygen demand, total nitrogen, volatile phenol, petroleum, and conductivity. The standards are more strict than those in the black and smelly assessment, and the assessment addresses the average water quality data in a year, requiring the river to reach a stable standard throughout the year without large fluctuations; therefore, reaching such standards are much more difficult.


In accordance with the overall deployment of the Shanghai CPC Municipal Committee and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Xuhui has comprehensively implemented the holistic governance and long-term management mechanism centered on the "River Supervisor System", which marked the beginning of the improvement of medium and small river courses. In accordance with the idea of "connecting rivers and river banks, intercepting and controlling pollution, connecting water systems, improving waterbody, enhancing water quality and restoring ecology," Xuhui has been combining project remediation and long-term management, and has been introducing clear water, monitoring water quality and conducting supervision through dredging, intercepting pollution to pipes and ecological restoration, so as to promote the comprehensive management of the black and smelly waterbody and the small and medium-sized river courses. In 2016, it completed the management of 2 black-smelly water bodies of Chunshengang and Sanyou River. Chunshengang was a "pilot" river treatment project, and after the treatment, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, transparency, and the redox potential are far below the standards of black-smelly rivers. In August this year, in the river remediation results selection organized by WeChat official accounts of "Shanghai release", "Shanghai Water and Ocean", the remediation project of Chunshengang won the "Best Water Course Governance Award."


In 2017, Xuhui has been working hard to strengthen the remediation of black-smelly water body and small and medium-sized river courses so as to raise public awareness of and satisfaction with the water environment. On the basis of consolidating the results of water governance in 2016, the district has taken measures such as dredging of river channels, removal of illegal building on channels, interception of sewage, and ecological restoration to conduct remediation on Tangwan River, Meilonggang Dongshangao Tang, Puhui Tang, Caohejinggang-Longhuagang, Beichaogang, Huajinggang and Dgonxingang.


Through concerted efforts of all parties, the water quality management of the 8 black-smelly water courses in this year's task list can now be considered as non-black and smelly. During October, a total of 6 cross-sections reached V level in water quality among 11 that were examined; from January to October, 5 cross-sections reach V level in water quality in average. Xuhui has accomplished this year's annual assessment tasks.

(Source: xuhuibao.com)