District Government Signs Cooperative Agreement with ECUST


In the afternoon of November 10th, the 2017 ECUST Science & Technology Innovation Conference was convened in the Yifu Building of East China University of Science and Technology, concurrently signing the “Xuhui District--ECUST Cooperation Framework Agreement”, and holding the unveiling ceremony of ECUST Science and Technology Association. The Ministry of Education Science & Technology Department Director Lei Zhaozi, the District Party Committee Secretary Bao Bingzhang, the District Standing Committee Member and Organization Department Director Shen Shanzhou, the Municipal Association for Science and Technology Party Group Secretary Yang Jianrong, the ECUST Party Committee Secretary Du Huifang, the ECUST Party Committee Deputy-Secretary and Principal Qu Jingping attended the conference.


Witnessed by leaders, the District Deputy-Director Chen Shiyan and the ECUST Vice-Principal Liu Changsheng signed the Xuhui District--ECUST Cooperation Framework Agreement; Yang Jianrong and Qu Jingping unveiled the ECUST Science and Technology Association. Du Huifang addressed the meeting, and Bao Bingzhang delivered a speech on signing cooperation agreement between both parties.


This year marks the 65th anniversary for founding of ECUST which has been adhering to the moral education philosophy; the Science & Technology Innovation Conference is held in response to President Xi’s proposal at the 19th CPC National Congress to guide development by innovation as the first driving power, promote dual-top university construction, and better serve the national strategy of science and technology innovation. After the District signs a cooperation framework agreement with the ECUST, both parties will jointly build a high-end talent platform, regional collaborative innovation platform and technological achievement transfer platform, integrate powerful resources, expand areas of cooperation, optimize cooperation mechanism, jointly achieve the “Two-Top” target of ECUST “world top discipline” and Xuhui District “top downtown district of modern international metropolis”, and contribute more to the strategic target of “accelerating construction of innovative country”.

(Source: xuhuibao.com)