Xuhui District Celebrated International Volunteer Day on 5 December


5 December of this year marked the 32th International Volunteer Day, and events and activities with various themes and forms were held by sub-districts and departments in Xuhui District, which had just been named the National Civilized Urban Area, to promote volunteers’ spirits of “contribution, friendliness, mutual-help, and progression,” recognize outstanding volunteers, and express their gratitude to the efforts made by volunteers for creating a national model urban area.  


On 5 December, an orienteering race was kicked off in Tianlin sub-district to celebrate the International Volunteer Day. As the home to 15,000 registered volunteers, Tianlin sub-district used this way to show their gratitude to volunteers who had committed themselves to public benefits. Tianlin sub-district said, this race is designed to promote the volunteer culture and help create a warm and friendly community. And the settings of the race points were closely related to “volunteer” and public benefits, and many of them were in the volunteer service stations in residential areas.   


In the morning on 5 December, crowds gathered in front of the Small Red Mansion in Xujiahui Park despite the cold weather. They were representatives from communities and “Social, Service, and Moral Association” departments, white collars from “New Economic and Social Organization” companies, students from universities, and volunteers, and nearly 200 of them gathered here for the inaugural ceremony of the regional Party Building Promotion Branch held by Xujiahui sub-district, as well as the “Public Benefits” challenge activity.    


In the afternoon, Kangjian Sub-district Volunteer Service Center and Cherry Blossom Boulevard Volunteer Service Association, together with volunteer service centers in residential areas, community departments, and social organizations, held an International Volunteer Day-themed activity in the Middle Ring Green Gallery at Cherry Blossom Boulevard Phase 1. Though it was cold outside, volunteers still came, and people were increasingly gathering around volunteers’ stands and desks to help volunteer recruiting and experience the orienteering race. 


To further promote the commitment of volunteers and present a collective look of Xuhui youth who care for others and commit themselves to the society and help leukemia patients feel the hope of life, a “Hope of Life” project – Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donation by Xuhui Youth, as well as an International Volunteer Day activity, was held in T20 building in Xujiahui by Xuhui Communist Youth League Committee, Xuhui Red Cross Society, Shanghai Xujiahui Commercial Co. Communist Youth League Committee and Shanghai Xujiahui Commercial Real Estate Development in the afternoon on 5 December. Nearly 100 representatives from Xuhui public institutions, companies, schools, new economic and social organizations, universities, and communities participated in the donation and registered in China Bone Marrow Bank. They were the practioners of the spirit of “caring for others and committing to public benefits,” and the displayers of the high moral values held by youth in Xuhui district.  


Though it was just one day, volunteers’ activities will carry on in Xuhui district, and their spirits will be passed on to more and more people who would commit themselves to activities for public benefits.

(Source: sh.wenming.cn)