International Football Star David Beckham Visiting Xuhui Campus


In the afternoon on 5 December, global leading sports brand adidas, together with international football star, and also its brand ambassador, David Beckham, visited Xuhui High School in Shanghai, and gave young football players an interesting and inspiring training class. 36 students from Xuhui Xiangyang Primary School, Huajing Primary School and Xuhui High School gathered in Xuhui High School, learning basic football skills under the joint guidance of David Beckham, and renowned international youth football trainer, Tom Byer, and practicing how to control football and improve their confidence. David Beckham said, “I’m very honored to be here, and I realize this is a critical moment for Chinese football. Today, I’ve seen students’ enthusiasm for football and their fluent skills after talking and training with them. I’m very confident about the future of Chinese football.”


At the 13th China National Games held in last August, Shanghai had claimed the championship of four football games, and three of them were non-adult, which further reinforced Shanghai’s leading position in national youth football movement. Two months ago, China Ministry of Education set up 12 national youth football reform experimental areas, and Shanghai was among them. Now Shanghai has already had 252 MoE football specialty schools, where football classes are mandatory.


David Beckham was signing autographs for students.

Reported and photographed by Zheng Yajie and Pei Chen