Shanghai-Hong Kong Youth Exchange Meeting held at Xuhui


On December 12, the Observation, Learning & Exchange Meeting of the Joyful Exercise of Nature in Campus, one of 2017 Xuhui District Youth Exchange Series Activities, was held in China High School. The exchange meeting was jointly sponsored by Shanghai Xuhui Overseas Sodality, Xuhui Education Bureau, and The International Nature Loving Association (INLA). The theme of the meeting is “Show the beauty of happiness · Give play to the force of harmony”, aiming to bring the concept and culture of loving nature into campus. By asking the students to do the joyful exercise of nature and sing the songs of nature, the students will be fully of positive energy and be motivated to love life and feel grateful. Huang Guoping, member of the standing committee of the CPC Xuhui District Committee, Director of United Front Work Department of the CPC Xuhui District Committee, and President of Xuhui Overseas Sodality, Lv Zhihui, Chairman of INLA, Liang Aowen, President of Hong Kong Branch of Xuhui Overseas Sodiality, etc. attended the exchange meeting.


At the site of the activity, the coaching team of Hong Kong INLA and Hong Kong Prairie Youth Corps performed the joyful exercise titled Stand up, the Youth of Nature and guided the honored guests on the spot to learn and experience the exercise.  The student representatives from China High School, Xiangyang Primary School, Kangning Science & Technology Experimental Primary School, Donglifengmei Health School showed and shared their joyful exercises learned respectively. They sang passionately, loudly and exclaimed loudly to make all the people at the site experience the positive energy of passion and happiness (see the following photo by Shao Dan). The Exchange Meeting between Shanghai and Hong Kong benefited teachers and students of the two places and enhanced friendship between them.


The organizer said that the joyful exercise of nature took “nature” as its connotation and “joy” as its purpose to make students recognize and feel relationship between man and nature and value of life in joyful activities, thus helping them build an outlook on life that is positive, joyful and advocates harmonious coexistence of man and nature. "Singing, dancing and showing a smile is the greatest feature of the joyful exercise of nature. Each set of exercise is accompanies with a different song. During learning and doing the exercise, the students also listened to the lyrics of the songs with positive energy, which can help students relax themselves and communicate positive emotion to the people around,” said Li Juexu, a teacher of Hong Kong INLA. In August of this year, the joyful exercise of nature was formally popularized in Xiangyang Primary School, Kangning Science and Technology Experimental Primary School, China High School and Donglifengmei Health School as a pilot project in Xuhui District and was favorably received by students.



After several months’ implementation, what about the effect of the pilot project? According to President Zheng Mingfang, China High School (junior section) is the only one of the first high schools in Xuhui to try the joyful exercise of nature. To choose the joyful exercise of nature is because its “healthy body”, “healthy mind” and “healthy environment” teaching is very consistent with the “green school” concept advocated by China High School. Now the exercise has been incorporated into the school's PE class and activity classes. The questionnaire survey shows that, compared with conventional broadcast gymnastics, the students prefer the joyful exercise of nature, because it is more interesting, more rhythmed and needs more quantity of motion. In addition, it helps relieve the pressure of study and brings positive energy for students. 


Singing helps you understand the deep meaning of the lyrics, dancing helps you move your body, and shouting each "Hey-ha” helps you release your pressure. As a result, many students have fallen in love with the joyful exercise of nature due to its brand new experience. By doing the exercise, the students feel touched and moved, enjoy the joyful rhythm, appreciate the harmonious beauty of man and nature, generate a grateful and happy mood, and show a happy smiling face.