"Granny of Shanghai" is Carrying the Torch Forward


Ms. Shen Cuiying, or the beloved "Granny of Shanghai", gained this cute nickname in 2008 when the great "5. 12" Wenchuan Earthquake took place. She donated her three-bedroom apartment (floor area of 147 square meter) to a charity foundation, which was sold for 4.5 million yuan at an auction.


In the past ten years, "Granny of Shanghai" has devoted herself to charity work. However, she clearly understood that money alone cannot solve the root of the problems. Therefore, this dedicated lady set up Shanghai Juai Co., Ltd. to promote kiwifruits produced in Dujiangyan. In early 2017, to help citizens get to know the Dujiangyan red kiwifruits and embrace nature, and help kiwifruit peasants in Dujiangyan develop tourism, she launched a kiwi fruit tree adoption campaign, which was warmly received by the public.


Recently, "Granny of Shanghai" visited the Residents’ Committee of Dechang Sub-district to express her gratitude to Zhang Huaici, CPC Secretary of the sub-district committee, individuals and co-construction units for adopting kiwifruit trees, and said she would persist in charity. Zhang Huaici expressed his heartfelt admiration for the charity spirit of "Granny of Shanghai" and hoped that community residents would inherit and carry forward this spirit and make the community a more caring place.