Xuhui Carries out “Learn from Lei Feng Day” Campaign and Establishes Cultural Volunteer Service Alliance


On the afternoon of March 1, "The Power of Models" - 2018 Xuhui District "3 • 5" Learn from Lei Feng Day campaign was held at Xuhui District Youth Activity Center. The event was attended by moral models, exemplary neighbors and other representatives of good deeds in the region, as well as model units, volunteer service centers and volunteer service teams. At the scene, the "Xuhui District Cultural Volunteer Service Alliance" was formally established. In the future, the alliance will further enhance the strength, breadth and depth of Xuhui District's cultural volunteer service and strengthen the capacity building of cultural volunteer teams, so as to improve the capacity and quality of cultural volunteer service. The first 11-member units, including Longhua Martyrs Memorial Hall, Qian Xuesen Library and Longhua Artistry Volunteer Center, will provide residents and tourists with more friendly and professional cultural services.


As the intersection of Chinese and Western culture and the birthplace of modern Haipai culture, Xuhui District has been in the lead in cultural development to serve the construction of urban civilization and promote the kindness culture and self-confidence. The event vividly demonstrated "the Most Amazing Youth" in 2017 in Xuhui District, the achievements in the "Three-star On-campus Children's Palace" and the great deeds of moral models in the form of video clips and recitation. Stories of Dr. Zhu Lan, winner of the Sixth National Model Ethics Award, and Zhang Zhiyong, a “Shanghai Good Individual”, were also elaborated on.


Our reporter learned that, Xuhui District is home to largest city-level volunteer service bases (about 26), as well as more than 2,000 volunteer service teams; 20% of the permanent residents have registered as municipal volunteers. In recent years, through actively practicing and nurturing the core values ​​of socialism, two residents have been nominated as national moral modes and 16 as "Chinese good people", along with various outstanding individuals and teams such as the “Most Beautiful Families”, “China's Most Beautiful Volunteers”, “China's Most Beautiful Volunteer Communities”, the “Most Beautiful Doctors”, and “China's Most Beautiful Volunteer Service Teams”. In addition, for 7 years in a row, Xuhui has conducted the campaign to recommend and comment on the good people around and the moral model recommendation activities, forming a good atmosphere of social civilization and volunteer service. The power of the models is being transformed into the vivid practice of millions of Xuhui citizens.

(Source: eastday.com  Reported by Hu Jingyi)