A Special Party Class for Xuhui Healthcare Staff


On March 1st, party members of Longhua Community Health Service Center and Xuhui Mental Health Center, led by party branch secretary Zhan Guilai, visited the home of the hundred-year-old Xiang Qing, a former female underground party member at Shengda Garden residential area of Longhua Sub-district to carry out a special party lecture (Photo by Feng Lianqing).


During the chat, Ms. Xiang told visitors how she had fought courageously with the enemies in prison with her firm revolutionary conviction, with the historical photographs, books depicting her revolutionary experience, and her clear memory, which deeply impressed party members. The visiting party members said that they would learn from Ms. Xiang’s great spirit to remain loyalty to the party’s cause and work hard for a lifetime, and provide excellent health care services to community patients and residents to safeguard their health. During the break of the party class, the family doctor conducted blood pressure and cardiopulmonary function tests for Ms. Xiang, and offered advice on diet and routine health care methods based on her health condition.