Xujiahui Initiates Daily Garbage Classification in Residential Areas


Xujiahui Sub-district holds garbage classification campaign.

Photograph by Lu Xiang


On March 22, the Xujiahui Sub-district held a "Join me in Garbage Classification" campaign in the Linlihui of Nandan Community, which marked that more than 100 residential areas in the sub-district will begin the daily garbage classification.


After a brief ceremony, the organizers conducted garbage classification training and interactive games, and many residents signed their names on the board to support the course. Ms. Pang, who just attended the training, said: "I had no idea what garbage classification was. Through this training, I learned about how to sort garbage, and I will actively participate in it and make our environment better." From this year, Xujiahui will build 10 residential areas as model communities for daily garbage classification, which will update and adjust the facilities such as garbage compartments, containers, signs, and public displays in accordance with unified standards, and at the same time establish a special volunteer team for community garbage separation. By encouraging joint participation from volunteers and residents, forming a long-term normal mechanism, and vigorously promoting the application of green account points, Xujiahui will facilitate the creation of model residential areas on waste classification from the very source.