Hongmei Launches New Darts Competition in Hi-tech Parks


On March 31, the “Heated in Hongmei and Caohejing” Darts Competition of the Hi-tech park was launched. It was organized by the Xuhui Sports Bureau and the General Office of Hongmei Sub-district, and was sponsored by the Xuhui Darts Association, Xuhui Federation of Trade Unions, Hongmei Sports and Fitness Club, and Shanghai Beiling Co., Ltd. The competition attracted a total of more than 200 white-collar workers in 32 teams from companies in the hi-tech parks in the Hongmei area. (Photograph by Jiang Pengfei).


According to the organizers, with the launch of the series activities of “Heated in Hongmei and Caohejing” in 2018, there will be over a hundred events such as darts competitions on the park level, urban orienteering matches, as well as online and onsite striding. To be carried out in various forms, the activities are designed to enhance the synergy effect of the region's culture and sports areas, as well as create a more favorable environment and atmosphere for community residents and white-collar workers to participate in sports fitness.