Xuhui Launches Its First Regional Unit Volunteer Alliance


The “Youth Running in Fenglin” Riverside Charity Run was launched at the square of the Fenglin Linlihui, where about 150 volunteers in 30 groups made a run for the purpose of charity in this spring. The event attracted dozens of regional volunteers in addition to the community volunteers.


Volunteers showed great enthusiasm for the competition: only 8 hours after Fenglin Sub-district’s official WeChat account, “Xuhui Fenglin”, announced the recruitment, all quotas were filled. On the day of the event, the Volunteer Star • Fenglin Community Volunteer Service Alliance, the first regional unit volunteer league in Xuhui, was officially established. Senior officials attended the event, including Ge Yinfeng, Secretary of Xuhui Youth League, and Zhang Yonghang, Deputy Director of the Civilization Office of Xuhui District.


"Love and Dream in Fenglin" is a long-term public welfare project for the healthy growth of young people aged 6-20 years in Fenglin Sub-district, which closely focuses on the actual problems that puzzle the youth and their demand, and consolidates social forces from different fields and professions in the community. By pairing with regional units, it has established the “Dream in Fenglin” Youth Volunteer Service Team to provide more resources and a service platform for young people with difficulties. On the day of the event, Hu Tao, Deputy Secretary of the Xuhui Youth League, presented Disney tickets and eye trackers to the ALS children and called for more care for young people with difficulties in the community.


The Fenglin Sub-district is home to a number of major hospitals and institutions, which brings rich medical, research and cultural resources. In order to give full play to the advantages of community units, disseminate the culture of volunteering and show care to others, Volunteer Star • Fenglin Community Volunteer Service Alliance was officially established at the event. Zhang Yonghang, deputy director of the Xuhui District Civilization Office, and Zhang Zhonghua, director of the Fenglin Sub-district Office, inaugurated the Alliance. Ren Qiqing, Deputy Director of Fenglin Sub-district Office, and Dong Maoming, Assistant Researcher of Fenglin Sub-district, presented certificates to 10 volunteer service alliance units including Southern District Telecommunications Bureau, Longhua Hospital, Institute of Plant Physiology & Ecology, SIBS under CAS, and Shanghai Kunqu Opera Institute.


The “Facilitating Employment through Entrepreneurship to Realize the Chinese Dream”, a celebration of the International Labor Day and the 10th Fenglin Job Fair, was held at Fenglin Biomedical Center II on the same day. The event was jointly organized by Xuhui Federation of Trade Unions, Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions Workers Aid Service Center, Xuhui Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Fenglin Sub-district Office, and Shanghai Fenglin Health Industry Development (Group) Co., Ltd. This is the tenth large-scale job fair in Fenglin Sub-district since 2009.


Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions Gui Xiaoyan, Deputy Director of Xuhui District Tan Lin, Deputy Director of Xuhui District People’s Congress Standing Committee, Chairman of the General Labor Union Zhu Weihong, Director of the Shanghai Municipal General Protection Department Chen Meiqin, Director of Shanghai General Staff Aid Services Center Wu Yuehua, party secretary of Xuhui District Federation of Trade Unions, Vice Chairman Wu Yuanhua, Director of Fenglin Street Office Zhang Zhonghua, Deputy Director of Xuhui District Human Resources Bureau Wang Qishan attended the event.


Actively responding to the call of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, Fenglin has been encouraging entrepreneurship as a priority not only at the sub-district level but also at the municipal level by combining companies and the public. Promoting the spirit of artisans, and facilitating employment through entrepreneurship, it has introduced professional consulting service agencies to carefully understand the needs of entrepreneurs and provide customized and professional guidance and consulting services for start-up. It also collaborates with high-quality resources in the region to further cooperate with innovative companies to establish an interactive communication platform. In the meantime, it has published the "FengLin Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Handbook", visited Fenglin Biomedical Center and other business buildings in the area to provide professional guidance, cultivation and incubation for intent entrepreneurs. What’s more, based on the Community Youth Center Luyuhui and Linlihui, it carries out "Innovation Fenglin" salon activities to interpret entrepreneurial policies and meet with successful entrepreneurs, so as to provide necessary human resources and policy guidance for start-up owners in the health industry, enhance the Fenglin entrepreneurial brand, and contribute to the building a harmonious Fenglin.


This year's event is different from the previous nine occasions. As the International Labor Day was approaching, the organizers divided the site into four regions: recruitment, entrepreneurship display, policy release, and consulting services. The job fair used to be held at Lingling Middle School and this year it cooperated with the Fenglin Health Industry Group to establish a platform to optimize the business environment. In the “Recruitment Area”, there were 86 employers providing more than 1,000 jobs, setting up booths in four categories: medical science and technology, modern services, education and training, and trade and commerce manufacturing, where more high-tech companies stood out from the previous low-end ones. The "Entrepreneurial Exhibition Area" invited entrepreneurs to conduct live demonstrations of entrepreneurial skills such as tea ceremony, VR, flower arrangement, and baking. The "Policy Release Area" mainly introduced and released the latest entrepreneurship and employment policy brochures as well as the “FengLin Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Handbook”. The "Consulting Service Area" provided consulting projects such as entrepreneurship policy, employment guidance, labor rights protection, job selection psychology and health care.


After the job fair, the organizers will keep track of the information on employment and recruitment, get inside of the employers to understand the recruitment of job seekers who have reached initial intentions. It will also analyze situations where the recruited have signed the intent but failed to be employed, so as to provide reference and information for the future recruitment events.

(Source: chinanews.com)