Xuhui Carries out 51 Municipal and District-Level Major Projects


In 2018, Xuhui is working on 51 major municipal and district-level projects, 15 of which are municipal-level projects and 36 district-level. Among the latter, 32 are under construction and 4 are preparatory projects; these projects cover a total area of 4,859,000 square meters, 27 kilometers of roads and overhead lines, 8 kilometers of river courses, and 23.1 hectares of greening. Closely related to the innovative transformation and development of Xuhui and people's livelihood, these projects are of concern for each citizen in the district.


The photo shows staff at Xuhui People’s Government are studying the exhibition boards in the lobby of the No.3 Building of the compound during lunch break.


Report and Photograph by Gu Zhenhua

(Source: xuhuibao.com)