Xuhui Launches Civic Sports Festival, to Hold Two-month Event with 330 Activities


The Xuhui Civic Sports Festival was held on May 5 at Shanghai Jiaotong University. This year’s event, with the theme of “Sports in Xuhui, Quality in Life”, was hosted by Xuhui People’s Government and organized by the Xuhui District Fitness Association. The slogan for the Festival was "Sports in Xuhui, Everyone Together."


The Xuhui Civic Sports Festival, by holding sports events for citizens over a period of time, looks to building a clustering effect to lead and promote all-people fitness activities throughout the year. The Sports Festival will last for 2 months, and will organize more than 330 large-scale sports activities in 4 sections. At the district level, it will hold regional branding sporting events, games and sports industry forums with high-level participation, sports products display and experience, and scientific fitness knowledge lectures.


At the sub-district town level, it will target different groups of people, such as age groups, and organize a series of high-participation and diversified sports activities, as well as “one street, one product” featured sports projects. At the system level, all government departments and systems will organize featured fitness activities based on the characteristics of the industries, combined with the production and living needs of employees and the building of corporate and institution culture. In the meantime, it will innovate featured activities, combine artificial intelligence and all-people fitness, carry out “Jogging 365” activities, grassroots events organized under titles of companies and by sports organizations, and various sports experience events, so as to guide the public to experience the achievements of modern sports industry.

(Source: Xinmin Evening News)