Xuhui Looks to Establish “Shanghai Service” Brand to Welcome CIIE


In This November, the first China International Import Expo (referred to as CIIE) is scheduled in Shanghai. Yesterday, the first event of Shanghai's "Service Windows Demonstration Day for CIIE” was held at Grand Gateway 66 of Xuhui District. Representatives from ten key industries in Shanghai, including customs, communications, electricity, airports, civil aviation, commerce and trade, taxi transport, hospitals, star hotels, postal services and gas stations, made a solemn promise to the society: they will establish the “Shanghai Service” as a benchmark brand with more standardized services, optimized processes and an improved environment, so as to fully demonstrating the city as a major cosmopolis. In the meantime, they also pledged to do their best to host all visitors for this major event in this thriving city. The 46 window industries in 16 districts of the city will carry out series demonstration activities for the coming CIIE.


At the event, Wu Na with Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Airport (Group) Co., Ltd., on behalf of Shanghai's public service industry, made the following pledge: they will perform security check in a harmonious and respectful way to ensure 100% safety; provide the most considerate services to help travelers with fast boarding procedures and the most accurate flight information, promoting Hongqiao Airport as the best airport; create comfortable and natural boarding and pick-up experience.


Also at the event, Wu Xiangjun from Shanghai Customs, as a representative of Shanghai's administrative service industry, made the following pledge: for the coming CIIE, they will adhere to the principle to perform customs services for the people and increase efficiency for customs clearance; open up the “12360” consultation and complaint hotline to promptly solve issues about customs clearance; implement the accountability mechanisms on the first recipients and for different roles, so as to better serve the CIIE with great service.


Wang Min from Yuanzhong Gas Station under SINOPEC Shanghai made the following pledge as a representative of Shanghai's civil service industry: for the coming CIIE, they will continue to prioritize the customers with friendly language and considerate service; firmly establish the "safety first, prevention-oriented" to prevent safety accidents; carry out the oil and gas transmission work in a regulated and standardized manner to avoid any oozing, running, dripping, leakage, untidiness and mess.


Shopping service staff from Metro City, Huijin Department Store, Shanghai Liubai, Pacific Department Store and Grand Gateway 66 put on the ribbons of "China International Import Expo Guide", and 60 guides are now working in the Xujiahui commercial circle, highlighting the busy scene.


Shanghai Xujiahui Commercial Co., Ltd, the 5th National Civilization Unit, on behalf of Shanghai’s industries with window services, released the service initiative of “Lighting up the Window, Creating Service Brands”. At the event, Xuhui integrated various volunteer service forces on transportation, city appearance improvement, public administration and security and tourism to establish the “Xuhui CIIE Volunteer Service Alliance”. The Alliance will focus on major business areas and tourists sites such as the Xujiahui commercial zone, Shanghai West Bund, and Hengshan-Fuxing Road Historical and Cultural Landscape Preservation Area to better prepare for CIIE, expand influence of the Expo and gather all available resources.

(Source: Wenhui Daily)