“Happy Symphony” Plays Cultural Confidence


“I never expected to enjoy such a high-quality concert at the doorway; last year I was an audience, but this year I am a host, and I am very happy.” In the evening of May 26, at the community music festival held in Xuhui Yuan, Mrs. Hellen, the resident of Xuhui Yuan, was very excited to be invited as a foreign host for the first time; she said that both she and her husband like the symphony, and they also hope to contribute to cultural development of the community by participating in this event.


From May 26 to May 27, a serial performance activity, with the theme of “Celebration for 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up---Promoting Popularization of Symphony Music • Creating Xuhui Culture Brand & 2018 3rd Xuhui Yuan Symphony Cluster • Happy Resident’” was unveiled at the sports field of Shanghai Nanyang Model Middle School which is a co-construction unit of Xuhui Yuan. The activity of elegant arts penetrating into community serves as a representative of Xuhui District’s community culture brand, under promotion of enterprises and active participation of domestic and foreign residents.


On May 27, the second and third session of serial performance was held, namely “June 1st” Youth Session and Community Resident Party Session continued to perform at Nanyang Model Middle School. This year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up; the reform and opening up has brought rapid development of Chinese economy, improvement for resident’s living conditions, open exchanges between Chinese and Western culture and prosperity of cultural self-confidence. By the opportunity of reform and opening up, more and more overseas housing enterprises enter China and Shanghai. Xuhui Yuan is an urban complex invested, developed, constructed, operated and managed by the overseas real estate company Shanghai Hangxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. The community is home to more than 5,000 residents from all over the world and across the country. Multiple cultures have created international atmosphere of Xuhui Yuan as a “global village”.


The 3rd Xuhui Yuan Symphony Cluster • Happy Resident” serial performance activity is  divided into International Friend Party Session, “June 1st” Youth Session and Community Resident Party Session, generally guided by Xuhui District Culture Bureau, whereas Xuhui District Education Bureau and Fenglin Sub-district guided the Youth Session and Community Resident Party Session respectively. It is organized by Shanghai Hangxin Real Estate Co., Ltd and Shanghai Hangxin Property Management Co., Ltd, and sponsored by the Shanghai Hangxin Culture Development Center.


Different from the past two activities, the serial activity this time is also open to the surrounding communities and campuses; participants include not only foreign friends from hotel apartment in Xuhui Yuan community, community residents, company customers in office buildings, but also resident representatives from surrounding communities such as Qiangsheng, Xiechang, Longhua, Shenhang and Wanliu, etc, as well as teachers and students from neighboring schools such as Longshan Kindergarten, Dong Er Primary School and Nanyang Model Middle School, etc; three sessions of activity are fully packed with people and unprecedentedly welcomed.


During the performance, children Luo Ziman and Li Yuehan from Dong Er Primary School also wore bright red scarf for the famous conductor Cao Peng and famous composer Lv Qiming on the scene and saying, “we are very proud to present red scarf to two artists; their dedication to arts is worth learning and passing on by us.” In the Community Resident Party Session that night, there were a series of brilliant shows one after another. Teacher Cao Peng also taught on site and invited audience to direct the prelude of opera Carmen together on stage, so that the audience indulged in “conductor addiction”. Li Yuejing a resident of Xuhui Yuan and the host of this concert said, “I have lived in Xuhui Yuan for 5 years, and here I feel top-quality service, standardized management and a sense of security. The concert holding here this time has planted a seed in my daughter’s heart, because now she is also very passionate about symphony, and hopes our community more beautiful and the activity more wonderful.”


It is reported that Hangxin Company has been committed to sponsoring music, art, culture and education over the long term; entrusted by the Singaporean parent company, hundreds of globally valuable violins, violas and cellos collected by the Group President since 1980s were granted for use by domestic and overseas orchestras and music academy students, to help students realize the dream of music. The organizer hopes to promote and expand the activity of elegant art into community by means of this concert, and jointly build cultural confidence with surrounding communities and campuses.

(Source: xuhuibao.com)