“Huibao Eco-Tour” Debuts


On June 5, the proposal by citizen Du Xiaohan on “developing environmentally-friendly tourist routes with Shanghai characteristics, where visitors can learn knowledge, increase environmental awareness, and enjoy the pleasure of tourism”, was recognized as a “Top Ten Excellent Idea” on environmental protection at the "Act for a Beautiful Shanghai " - Theme Activity of the "6.5 Environment Day", which was held in Caohejing Development Zone Park in Xuhui District. At the event, Xuhui District released the “Huibao’s Eco-tour” route, and held the “Huibao’s Eco-tour” cycling activity on the Huicui Line.


The event saw attendance of Xiao Guiyu, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, Guo Fang, Party Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Shou Ziqi, Director of Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Fang Shizhong, Mayor of Xuhui District, and Wang Chunchen, Director of Xuhui District People's Congress. Senior officials from environmental protection bureaus from different districts, environmental protection volunteer teams, members of the Xuhui Environmental Protection Three-year Action Plan, towns and villages, companies in Xuhui, international ecological schools, and environmental education bases.


It is reported that June 5, 2018 was the fourth Environment Day since the implementation of the new "Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China." The theme of this year's World Environment Day is "Beat Plastic Pollution." China's theme for this year’s publicity for the Environment Day is "Act for a Beautiful China", and Shanghai's theme is "Act for a Beautiful Shanghai".


The main event day was organized by the China Century Environment Run (Shanghai) Organizing Committee, the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, and the Xuhui District People's Government, co-organized by The Shanghai Environmental Protection Education Center and Xuhui District Environmental Protection Bureau, and was supported by Shanghai Caohejing Development Zone Corporation and Hongmei Sub-district.


In his address, Xiao Guiyu stated that the Environment Day event aimed to create a social atmosphere for everyone to advocate everything about ecological civilization at all time, and mobilize and guide all sectors of the society to focus on the concept of harmonious development of the human and nature and the green development. Choosing a simple, appropriate, green and low-carbon lifestyle, everyone should actively participate in ecological and environmental affairs, work together for pollution prevention, and strive to build beautiful Shanghai.


At the event, an awarding ceremony was held for city-level environmental education bases, certification of environmental protection volunteers, recruitment of environmental protection volunteers, and the “Top Ten Brilliant Ideas”. Biao Shanghua, Party Secretary of Meiyun Sancun Residence of Lingyun Sub-district, Representative of the 15th Shanghai People's Congress and Director of the “Green Housewife Environmental Protection Guidance Center”, on behalf of all volunteers, issued a volunteer proposal for environmental protection: “Drive less to work, pack left-over food, and save electricity.” Experts of the Shanghai Municipal Institute of Environmental Sciences released a popular science game on garbage sorting and disposal.


In order to further mobilize the public to participate in ecological environmental protection, the Xuhui District Environmental Protection Bureau recruits ambassadors for the course. After open voting, “Huibao”, designed by a high school student named Zhang Yudi, won the competition and became the ambassador for Xuhui’s environmental protection. Symbolizing the Chinese character “hui”, it has a "water droplets" shape and it was immediately popular among the public because of its cute design.


Xuhui has actively promoted public activity of “Citizens Observe Environmental Protection” by digging deep into the resources of environmental education bases, environment-friendly enterprises, and environmental popular science practice sites in the district. It has designed and released the “Huibao Eco-tour” route and held the cycling event. The "Huibao Eco-tour" consists of 3 lines and 9 sites. They are: The Huilv Line - Green Life Tour, and the sites include: Lingyun Green Housewives Environmental Protection Guidance Center, Ancient Papermaking Base, and Linlihui of Changqiao Ecology Home; Huiqing line - low-carbon riverside tour, and the sites include: Xuhui Riverside public open space, rain garden, Airport River (Binjiang section); Huicui line - ecological park tour, and the sites include: Caohejing exhibition hall, 3M China Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute. On the same day, environmental protection volunteers in Xuhui launched the "Huibao Eco-tour" Huicui line cycling activity, who visited 3M China Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute, fully understanding the role of environmental protection concepts in enterprises.


Recyclable courier boxes, spoons made from waste wood sticks, and cups made of orange peels coated with natural lacquer—the event also demonstrated garbage sorting, reduction, recycling technology and other products from green supply chain companies and environmentally friendly companies.


In addition to the activities on the Environment Day, Xuhui set the month from May to June as the Environment Month from this year. Schools, towns and enterprises in the district will carry out extensive publicity activities. The activities will included "Youth Environmental Protection Brainstorming" and the 2018 "Shanghai Environment Cup" reading marathon challenge.

(Source: Xuhuibao.com   Reporter: Wu Mei)