Football Atmosphere Permeates in Xujiahui Subway Station


With the arrival of Russian World Cup, many stores have launched World Cup activities based on this highlight. Recently, on the No.11 pedestrian promenade inside the Xujiahui Subway Station, oil paintings depicting fans from around the world are on display, adding a touch of fine art to the entire passageway, as well as World Cup “passion” in the crowded Xujiahui Subway Station.


At the scene, people can see the magical style of oil paintings; with the theme of “New Crustal Movement”, pictures show the world is divided into seven continents and the war is about to begin after continental drift, which means participating teams of the World Cup will soon start fighting. It is said that on the occasion of the 2018 World Cup, the organizer hopes to show very strong Russian-style paintings or artworks to the Chinese fans through this exhibition, and the exhibition also includes the matryoshka with Russian characteristics, exquisite paintings and cute dresses, to win favor of people. In addition, eight works of beer can device are also displayed at the scene, to show the words of “fighting” in Portuguese, Spanish, German and other languages (picture by Lu Xiang), and deliver the best wishes of “gathering in Russia, toasting the world” to the fans for Portugal, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Brazil and other teams.