Xuhui Launched Window Service Industry Skills Contest Series to Welcome CIIE


In the afternoon of June, 21, Xuhui Window Service Industry Skills Presentation was held in Huating Hotel, as the second of a series of events held by Xuhui Spiritual Civilization Office and Xuhui General Labor Union to welcome China International Import Expo, which aims to improve the quality of window services and present a new image of window service industry through skills presentations and a series of skills contests, and more importantly, contribute to the successful opening of the 1st China International Import Expo.


During the event, on behalf of the window service industry in Xuhui, national model worker, Xu Ning, from Orient Shopping Center launched an initiative, which was responded by videos featuring representative workers from various industries containing window services. A performance group from East China Normal University staged a workwear show, which represented workers in window service industries including hotel, bank, hospital, environmental sanitation, and public transportation. Expert workers from each industry also presented their “special skills” within their own field of expertise, including flower arrangement, wood art, tea art, make-up, western-style pastry, gift packaging, coffee decorating, napkin folding, and food carving and arrangement, which were assessed through voting by a judge panel formed by audience on-site. There was also an import expo knowledge quiz and contest where audiences were enthusiastic to participate in.


On the same day, Xuhui Window Service Industry Skills Contest Series was officially launched, and following this there will be more worker skills contests in tourism, dining and housekeeping industries.

(Source: eastday.com; Reporter: Wang Jiemin)