Summer Care Offers Special Courses


On July 2nd, Xujiahui Sub-district, following five consecutive summer care sessions, joined hands with Huishi Primary School and Xuhui Youth Education Development Center to hold the 2018 Xujiahui “Love Summer Care” session to serve and solve problems of community residents and regional units.


According to a senior official for the summer care class, this year's program has two sessions, each of which will recruit 240 students in three classes. The Xujiahui Youth League Work Committee, through integrating the regional organization platforms, has actively gathered rich resources of regional units such as the Observatory, Meteorological Bureau, the Shanghai Film Group, and Agricultural Bank of China, to set up a team of regional youth volunteer lecturers for special courses. In addition to the courses by 7 institutions such as the meteorological science, small observers of the Eastday, and the small bankers of the Agricultural Bank, the summer class also offers Shanghai language classes, mental health courses for minors, and small party classes by five old lecturers. The curriculum not only inherits the traditional culture, but also enriches the children's summer life.


It is worth mentioning that this year, the security work of the summer care class has been greatly enhanced, and the mechanism of pick-up and drop-off on special cards is more strictly implemented. The Xujiahui Police Station has specially sent staff during the opening and closing hours of the school, while street monitoring and grid center give real-time information. In addition, resident volunteers and parent volunteers are organized to take turns to participate in safeguarding the class to protect students' safety during the summer vacation.

(Source:  Reported by: Lu Xiang)