Xuhui Riverside Area Launches 1st Runner Volunteer Team


Relics of phased-out sites and high tower cranes in Xuhui Riverside Area revealed its previous glory as the busiest industrial wharf and the best airport in East Asia.


Nowadays, it is a waterfront venue where the public enjoy everyday life and a great run.


Upon the completion of projects spanning both banks of Huangpu River, Xuhui Riverside Area has become an ideal place for runners and nicknamed as “the most enjoyable running venue”, with luxuriant trees, fragrance of flowers, and birds’ tweets. It is a delightful experience to run along the riverside in summer nights, with lamps dotting the bunds and frequent breezes.


To improve residents and visitors' experience in the area, encourage volunteer spirit and enhance Xuhui's achievements as a national civilized district by involving runners in related efforts. Xuhui District’s Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission Office, Xuhui Public Security Comprehensive Management Commission Office, Riverside Administration Committee and Adidas Runbase recruited the 1st batch of 50 runners to form a volunteer team.


On the morning of Jul. 21, 2018, the kick-off ceremony for the volunteer program “Riverside Run Experience” was held in the area's Adidas Runbase. Officials from Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission Office, district governmental officials, the head of Shanghai West Bund Group, and representatives of runner, security and safety volunteers attended the ceremony.


At the ceremony, 21 runner volunteers in running gears took a vow that they will the advocator of civilized sprit by protecting the environment and facilities, abiding rules, and helping each other.


Civilized Behavior Convention for Residents and Visitors in Xuhui Riverside Area and Eight Don’ts were released to guide residents and visitors in public space protection, which will be instrumental to the upcoming AI World 2018· West Bund Summit and the 1st China International Import Expo.


As the first 24/7 charity run-base in China, Adidas Runbase has been providing free lockers, changing and resting, emergency, running tips and other services since its official opening in the area. At the opening ceremony, Jiang Ming, the deputy director of Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission Office awarded "district volunteer base" to the runbase, which will serve as the platform for volunteer programs, facilitate routine operations and volunteer-related functions, namely recruiting, exchange, services, exhibition and contact.

(source: Xuhui District's Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission Office; photographer: Zhu Liang)