A Unique Summer Vacation for Teenager Volunteers from Tianlin Sub-district


This summer, teenagers from Tianlin Sub-district have turned into “first-aid volunteers” by taking part in first aid trainings in cases of sunstroke, electronic shock and drowning, and by demonstrating “CPR” and artificial respiration with the help of models. Organized by the Office of Development and Community Volunteer Service Center of Tianlin Sub-district, the opening ceremony of “First-time Buttoning Up in Life” as well as “I’m a Teenage First-aid Volunteer” included in the series of activities of model teenagers from Tianlin Sub-district was held in the activity room of the Community Party Building Service Center of Tianlin Sub-district. More than 20 teenagers from the community participated in the activity to learn first-aid skills.


During the opening ceremony, with their right hands highly held, young volunteers took a solemn oath: “I’m willing to become a model teenager of Tianlin Sub-district, by cultivating and observing core socialist values…” After that, all the volunteers were honored with an emblem and a passport. Later, Dr. Liu from Shanghai “Red House” Hospital gave children a lecture on “First Aid Treatment in Daily Life”, vividly explaining to children different methods of first aid on the scene of accidents, including drowning, electric shock, choke and sunstroke. Besides, Dr. Liu also invited children to imitate electric shock so as to demonstrate life-saving skills at critical moments.


It’s noteworthy that compared to lectures in previous activities, on-site practice was specially arranged this time, attracting the full attention of the participants. Young volunteers were quite interested in the “medical dummy” Dr. Liu brought to the lecture. Though their imitation of movements looked clumsy and level of force they shall press on the dummies was not up to standard at first, no one quitted and kept on the practicing. After being taught hand by hand by Dr. Liu, children became more confident and familiar with the right movements. At last, every one of them managed to perform rescue breathing in the administration of CPR.


It is known that the emergency lecture is part of series of activities held by Tianlin Sub-district Office of Development under the theme of “First-time Buttoning Up in Life”. The series of activities combine theory with practice and is aimed at creating a unique volunteer experience for teenagers. In the next three weeks, three other activities, i.e. “I’m a Messenger for Animals”, “I’m a Group Leader of Our Apartment Building” and “I’m a Caring Angel”, are to be participated by the teenagers.

(Source: xuhuibao.com; By Geng Jieyu)