Report Performance Launched in Fenglin for Summer Vacation


On August 17th, a report performance on the theme of “Fasten the First Button of Life” was staged in the Fenglin Community. The whole show was a summary of what was "learned, thought, and pondered" of the Fenglin youth in this summer. Programs such as "Promoting Red Culture, Communicating Patriotism" and "Promoting Traditional Classics, Exhibiting Young Power" looked to cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism, and guide the Fenglin youth to be kind-hearted, loyal to country, and become young people with dreams and responsibilities.


As early as two months ago, the recruitment of the "Fengqu Family Angel Choir" was launched. Through the selection by schools, WeChat registration, telephone registration and other channels, Fenglin Street recruited dozens of children who were recognized as the “best singers” of the sub-district. Starting from the vocal and gesture training, teachers from Shanghai Conservatory of Music conducted ten training sessions, and the children of two age groups performed chorus of the "Little Stars" and "Young Pioneers Song", successfully giving their debut. As member of this coaching team, Cao Yongguan, who graduated from the Music Education Graduate School of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, said, “The ten sessions are not too many, but the children’s performances were very successful. I hope they can learn to cooperate and enjoy music.” On the same day, the “Fengya Kunyin” Kunqu “Dan” basic training class, conducted by Linglin Middle School, also completed their first public performance, presenting a beautiful scene for the audience, a selection of the "Peony Pavilion Garden". In addition, representatives of Fenglin’s most beautiful families, the children of the summer care class and the volunteer university students also brought the story share of "My Home", an revised version of the classic children’s song "Xiao Di Lei", and the traditional dance "Ban Hu Sha".

(Source: Xuhui News and Publication Center)