Civil Defense Office

(1) To follow out the State laws, rules and regulations regarding civil defense by the people, supervise and examine how related organizations within Xuhui District have performed these laws, rules and regulations.

(2) To organize personnel to compile the Program and Plan for Construction of Civil Defense Facilities; organize personnel to work out an Anti-air-raid Plan and an Emergency Guaranty Plan for Xuhui District; organize personnel to work out Xuhui District’s Overall Counterplan for Disaster prevention and alleviation; organize the people in Xuhui District to make maneuvers for anti-air-raid and disaster prevention & alleviation.

(3) To be responsible for constructing and managing the civil defense commanding center, anti-air- raid communication network, and warning network in Xuhui District; and guaranteeing the wire communication for government units in Xuhui District.

(4) Pursuant to the limits of examining and approving power regarding construction projects, to examine those anti-air-raid basements attached to civilian-purpose establishments, collect the fees for construction of civil defense projects according to laws, and bring such collected fees into the Civil Defense Outlays Budget for making arrangements in an integrated way.

5) To be responsible for managing the quality performance of, and conducting inspection and final acceptance of, civil defense projects, inspecting and accepting those anti-air-raid basements that are attached to civilian-purpose establishments; to be responsible for developing, utilizing, dismantling and discarding as useless those civil defense projects in Xuhui District, and maintaining and managing public-use civil defense projects.

(6) To organize and guide the people in the entire district to form and train up teams of anti-air-raid specialists, and organize and guide the formation of teams of volunteer civil defense specialists.

(7) To work together with related departments to disseminate lores regarding civil defense.

(8) To organize personnel to perform the administrative enforcement of law governing civil defense, and be responsible for responding to administrative litigations.

(9) To reinforce the cooperation with related departments, collect in time the information with regard to those accidents and disastrous incidents arising in this district in time, and emergency aid provided.

(10) To be responsible for managing the spending of Xuhui District’s outlays for anti-air-raid and disaster prevention & alleviation by the people in this district; supervising, managing and providing service to, State-owned assets and collectively owned assets for civil defense use.

(11) To be responsible for offering guidance and service for those civil defense enterprises.