Town Planning Administritive Bureau

Xuhui District Town Planning Administritive Bureau is an operational department under Xuhui District People's Government that takes charge of city planning and management work, and is subjected to guidance by the City Planning Bureau of Shanghai Municipality. The Bureau is liable for performing the following duties:

1. Pursuant to Shanghai Municipality's Overall Program for City Planning Work, to plan out the development plan for each of the land sections and formulate the Plan for Socio-economic Developments in Xuhui District, organize personnel to compile a detailed control plan for ordinary regions, a detailed plan for construction work, and a program for implementation of development and construction work.

2. To follow out those laws, rules, regulations, provisions and policies regarding city planning and management set down by the State and Shanghai Municipality; as per the limits of managerial powers stipulated by the People's Government of Shanghai Municipality, to be responsible for the city construction, planning and management within this district; to bring forward "letters of opinion about locality selection" towards those construction projects under its jurisdiction, conduct ratifications and issue the "Permits for Planning of Construction-purpose Lands" and "Permits for Planning of Construction Projects".

3. To be responsible for supervising and inspecting how Xuhui District’s Town Planning Program and Architectural Laws & Regulations have been fulfilled, and taking part in the final acceptance of construction projects within Xuhui District, and mete out punishments towards those illegal construction projects pursuant to related laws and regulations.

4. To be responsible for managing those archives regarding city construction work within this district.

5. To be responsible for managing the survey-cartography and drawing work within this district and managing the toponomic work.

6. To complete other tasks as Xuhui District Committee of the Communist Party of China, Xuhui District Government, and higher authorities have authorized Xuhui District Town Planning Administration to treat with.