Physical Culture Bureau

Xuhui District Physical Culture Bureau has been established in conformity to those stipulations under the “Notice of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government with Regard to the Scheme for Institutional Reform in Xuhui District” (file reference: [2001] No.456). Xuhui District’s Physical Culture Bureau is an operational department under Xuhui District Government that takes charge of the physical culture work through the district. Its major duties are described as below:

1. To follow out those laws, rules & regulations, and policies regarding physical culture work set down by the State and Shanghai Municipality, study and draft out those law, rules and regulations regarding physical culture work.

2. To study and formulate Xuhui District’s Development Strategy and Development Objective for Physical Culture Work, compile Xuhui District’s Development Program and Annual Plan for Physical Culture Work.

3. To guide and examine the working performance of each of the schools of physical training, stadiums and gymnasiums, guide and coordinate with different departments and social groups to carefully implement the “Body-Building Program Outline for the Entire People” promulgated by the State Council, and “Physical Culture and Body-Building Regulations upon Shanghai Citizens”, and do a good job in promoting the physical culture in schools, enterprises, sub-district and town offices.

4. To plan out the layout of those exercising projects in this District, study and guide the spare-time trainings, strike up a team of coaches with enhanced qualities, and implement the “Honorary Plan for Medal-Winning in the Olympic Games”.

5. To undertake various competitions sponsored by the State Physical Culture Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Physical Culture Bureau, actively develop physical culture competitions in this District, assist Xuhui District Board of Education in convening sports meetings in primary and high schools, and energetically offer guidance upon those sports competitions organized by grassroots organizations.

6. To organize and guide the scientific research work regarding physical culture.

7. To cooperate with related departments in planning out and coordinating the construction layout of sports premises and facilities; and to reinforce the management over sports premises pursuant to related laws, rules and regulations.

8. To study and formulate a Development Program for Sports Economy and Business Operations .

9. To be responsible for examining, approving, and providing professional guidance upon, the qualifications of sports-related social groups.

10. To organize and guide the examination of physical constitution of citizens.

11. To be responsible for handling those applications for convening, and registering, sports contests across districts, counties or at above-municipality level.

12. To undertake and handle other matters that Xuhui District Government has assigned the Physical Culture Bureau to treat with.

As at today, the Physical Culture Bureau has employed 203 workers and staff members, inclusive of 40 Party members, 12 workers with government units, 10 holders of college (or above) diploma. The staff size in those grassroots organizations under the Physical Culture Bureau is 201 persons, inclusive of 67 coaches (6 senior coaches, 32 medium-level coaches, and 29 junior coaches). 38.3% of those employees serving the Physical Culture Bureau have held a diploma at college level or above.

The Physical Culture Bureau has set up three functional sections/offices (which are namely, the Administrative Office, Competition & Training Section, and Mass Activities Section), and is liable for guiding related work of the Federation of Sports Organizations. The Physical Culture Bureau has totally 8 grassroots public institutions, which are respectively, Xuhui District Management & Steering Center for Social Sports Organizations, Xuhui District Spare-time School of Physical Training for Children and Youngsters, Xuhui District No.1 Spare-time School of Physical Training for Children and Youngsters, Xuhui District Aquatic Sports School (Shanghai Swimming School), Xuhui Indoor Pool, Xuhui District No.2 Spare-time School of Physical Training for Children and Youngsters, Xuhui Gymnasium, Xuhui Tennis Court; and 4 grassroots enterprises, which are respectively: Sport Hotel, Tian-Hui Sports Premises Company, Heng-Shan Sports Travel Agency, and Xu-Ti Property Management Company.

Business hours: 08:30 am~05:30 pm (except for legal holidays, Saturdays and Sundays)
Address: No.64 Urumchi Road South
Telephone: (+86 21) 6437-3605
Fax: (+86 21) 6433-9537
Postal code: 200031