2011 Darts World Cup Rounded off in Xuhui

The 2011 International Darts Federation (IDF) World Cup came to a successful conclusion in Xuhui Swimming Natatorium on the evening of November 19, 2011. The US team beat their Japanese counterpart with a score of 9:8 and won the most exalted team championship at the World Cup events.

During earlier events, Dersch Benjamin from the US and Ouchi Mayumi from Japan respectively won the champions in 501 men’s and women’s singles (professional) thanks to their actual strength and stable performance, while Cricket men’s and women’s singles (professional) respectively went to Lim LeongHwa Paul from Singapore and Dobromyslova Anastasia from Russia.

After the first World Cup last year, this year’s event attracted the participation of 268 darts athletes from a total of 20 countries and regions. For many of them, this was their second time to come to Xuhui for the events. It was worth mentioning that it was the first time for the United States, Russia and Canada to send darts teams, which enriched the sports event and made it more worth expecting.

The Chinese youth darts team, led by Lu Weikang and Gu Song, famous darts players in Shanghai, was the brightest scenery in the World Cup. Composed of 10 primary and middle school students from Xuhui Middle School and Gaoan Road Primary School, the youth team has been constantly growing thanks to the platform of the IDF darts world cup in the past two years. The No.1 Gaoan Road Primary School was given by the IDF the title as the "International Darts Youth Training Base" at the closing ceremony.

Li Mingyi, Director of Xuhui District Sports Bureau, said that the reason why this year’s events attracted a lot of fresh athletes to participate was largely the success of the first World Cup last year. The Darts World Cup in Shanghai has aroused the attention of the international darts circles, and more darts masters were expected to join the events in the coming tournaments after two years publicity and promotion, and Xuhui was also expected to grow into a hot spot for darts games in Asia, Li added.

Xuhui’s resolution to develop darts games was far beyond simply organizing several tournaments; it strived to explore a road of sustainable development which would focus on promoting public participation, building up sports brand and cultivating young darters. Persons in charge of China Darts Association thought quite highly of the development of darts sports in Xuhui. They held that darts sports had realized rapid growth in Xuhui over the past two to three years, a growth that took almost a decade for China as a whole to achieve.
(Source: Shanghai Morning Post)