Xuhui District has a perfect matching in commerce, residents are convenient to go shopping and have leisure. The Xujiahui Commercial Center is one of the primary commercial centers in Shanghai, and the business sales keep a blooming tendency of development all along. It gathers many businessmen because of the special geographic location and well-developed & convenient traffic. The concepts of “dislocating operation”, “specialty operation” and “integrated operation”, etc., which are created from tough market competition for many enterprises, have been important experiences of successful development of Shanghai commerce. Many modern commercial facilities, such as Huijin, Meiluo, Ganghui Square etc., were established within recent several years. Scholar Book Store, Yongle Cinema, Kodak Digital Imaging City and other food & beverage and entertainment etc. modern integrated consumption forms moved into Xuhui District, and this provided base and condition for development of integrated functions and increase of service-type consumption, such as the experience of consumption in commercial circle of Xujiahui. It further enhanced the assembling and radiation ability of city level commercial center in Xujiahui.

As Xujiahui commercial circle continues to exhibit prosperity, Hengshan Road, Yishan Road are listed in the Ten Business Specialty Street in Shanghai. The problem of inconvenient shopping of residents who live in south area is resolved on the whole by modern community business facilities, which is marked with community center. We further adjust business forms of the community, and many chain stores and convenience stores are established in the resident communities. Grocery markets are all placed in the house, after the completion of staple food and non-staple food security check network, residents can purchase "quality-assured meat and quality-assured vegetables ".

Jiadeli Supermarket in Xuhui District ranks 33rd place in national chain supermarket, and 4th place in Shanghai chain supermarket, and it continues to expand to East China areas such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui, etc.; the number of 21st Century Convenience Store chain commercial network reaches 600; Huifeng, Silk chain expansion have appeared a continuous development tendency. Besides, the Pacific Department Store and Shanghai Department Store Sixth Branch etc. department stores have gained rather good achievements on chain operation and management output in recent 100 years.