Persisting in the guiding ideology of “adjusting in development and promoting development by means of adjustment”, industry in Xuhui District grasped good opportunity that the domestic and foreign economic development tended toward warm up, fully exercised the active financial and industry guidance policy of Shanghai Municipal government and District government, and speeded up the strategic adjustment of district industrial economic structure, industrial structure and product structure, it appeared an interactive situation of district industrial economic adjustment and development. Giving priority to the development of hi-tech industries, and relying on the improvement of technology, Xuhui District industry fully took advantage of integrated resources of science and technology, information, fund, talent and service, gave priority to the development of new and high technology industries such as the information technology, modern biomedicine and nanometer materials, etc.. District electronic information industry formed early industrial development chain in the fields of manufacturing of integrated circuit, software development and network service industry, etc.. A passel of growing initial scale enterprises emerged, such as Yingyeda (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Zhongying Electronics Co., etc.. Relying on the scientific research advantage of East China University of Science and Technology, the development and manufacturing of nanometer materials and new technologies began to emerge as a shining spot in the development of district hi-tech industries. -- Support and expand pillar industry. There are five types of pillar industries in the district: car spare parts manufacturing and process industry; manufacturing and process industry of chemical industry new materials and construction new materials; manufacturing and process industry of steel products and metal products; electric machinery and equipment manufacturing and process industry and food process industry. Most excellent enterprises, which are affiliated with the district, are centralized on the pillar industry, and there are a passel of “Little Giant” enterprises, such as Shanghai Huigong Sartorius 3rd Factory, Shanghai Yitong Components Co., Ltd, Shanghai Zhenxing Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd, Shanghai Kehua Bioengineering Co., Ltd, etc.. These enterprises fully play the leading role in different industries. -- Actively foster municipal industrial park. The guiding principle of developing municipal industrial park in Xuhui District is “city and district join hands, revitalizing the remaining assets of state-owned enterprises, developing new productivity by means of enterprise transformation”. At present, 17 municipal industrial parks (buildings), such as Longhua Diamond Processing Zone, Huigu Innovation Center, and Guangxing Electric Industrial Park etc., were established one after another and had an early effect.