Xujiahui Commercial Center

The construction of Xujiahui Commercial Center started since the beginning of 1992. According to the functional demand of the municipal and district governments, it has been developed into a secondary center of Shanghai from a district level center through the construction of 10 years, and become the epitome of tri-cycle “change in three years” of Xuhui area, even Shanghai city. It became one of the commercial centers of Shanghai with best developing state, while its status as business center and public activity center appears clearly day by day too.

After the construction of 10 years, Xujiahui Commercial Center has shown the remarkable characteristic of extensive modernized commercial facilities and cityscape. There are over 40 projects being completed and open in succession, which made the commercial area of Xujiahui expand by 40 times than 1991, and also the newly-built commercial buildings have been equipped with first-class facilities, advanced management and novel marketing ideas. The operation policy is focused on pluralism and multi-level, with market orientation of medium-to-high grade, and characteristics of “staggered competition” and comprehensive consumption including food, apparels, articles for use and amusement.

Among them , there is Shanghai Grand Gateway which is a 7-floors shopping center, holding an area of 130,000 ㎡, and whose idea is advocating "one station" service providing shopping, recreation, amusement, food and beverage; there is Oriental Shopping Center, whose idea is " gift in the east" and becoming a window of international exclusive products; there is Pacific Shopping center advocating the new trend of the popular style; There is Shanghai No.6 Department Store gathering domestic famous-brand goods, who win the Award of "Demonstration of No Fake Products in Ten Thousand Shops of One Hundred Cities Around the Country"; there is Hui Jin Department Store whose annual amplitude of sale comes out top of general department stores in Shanghai; there is Hui Lian Department Store building a atmosphere of “shopping paradise for the salariat”, and there is Shanghai Silk Store, whose “Qifang” silk products are popular among state guests, and who got an epigraph of " real silk magnate" from Xu Kuangdi, the former mayor of Shanghai. There are also Famous Brand Street of Xujiahui on Huashan Road, and masses’ food and beverage street on Tianyaoqiao Road.

Because of a big change in the appearance of Xujiahui, the stream of people is increasing sharply, and brings prosperity to the market too. At the end of 1997, the annual sales amount of this area jumped from 400 million yuan in 1991 to 5 billion yuan. Since 1998, Xujiahui, relying mainly on retail business of the general merchandise, has developed rapidly into a centre of computer businesses of the west Shanghai, with more than one hundred IT enterprises and information products monopolized shops such as Buynow Information Center, Pacific Computer Center, Hongtu Sanbao Computer Grand Market, Yinghe Computer Supermarket, Pacific Digital Center, and Jiaoda Withub Computer Store on West Guangyuan Road and Technology Street etc. The annual gross sales amount is over 1 billion yuan.

Xujiahui has attracted more than 300 famous domestic and international enterprises to settle down in this area with beautiful environment, convenient traffic and good services. Only in Metro Mansion, there are 39 domestic and international famous enterprises such as American companies Microsoft, AIA, Exxon Mobil, Ingersoll-Rand from Switzerland, Olympus from Japan, etc.. It has became one of the most centralized areas of financial institutions of Shanghai, with more than 40 financial enterprises such as various banks, securities, insurances etc..

More than 100 commercial buildings accommodate more than 120 organizations in finance, consulting, legal services, accounting affairs and marketing subsection of enterprise groups. Meanwhile, sectors like culture, recreation and entertainment flourished, with more and more public cultural facilities being newly built continuously. Besides the District Library encircling the square of Xujiahui, Science and Technology Center, Shanghai Social Science Hall, Xujiahui Book Pavilion, Guang Qi Park, Metro City recreation center, Shanghai Grand Gateway and the newly-built Xujiahui Park, there are Shanghai Library in the north, Ever Bright Convention and Exhibition Center in the west, Sports City of Shanghai in the south and Long Hua Tourism City southwards, with which, plus Xujiahui Commercial Center, a new style of “three points on one line” of cosmopolitan tourism in the district is formed.

In recent years, in line with the construction of Xujiahui shopping center, subway and reconstruction of old district, a lot of advanced residential buildings were built up. By August of 2002, there had been 115 high-grade residential buildings of 8~34 floors with total construction area of 1,466,000 ㎡. There are 67 projects under construction, such as Zun Yuan, Yadu International Garden, Huicui Garden, Eastern Manhattan etc., with total construction area of 1,143,600㎡. With all of these, the appearance of Xujiahui has been changed from a slum-dweller zoom of “downtown”, into a blooming, splendor and novel urban area of international metropolis. Nowadays, Xujiahui has already become one of the four major districts with cityscape in Shanghai.

In order to implement and exploit functions of Xujiahui as a secondary center of Shanghai, the district government, combining with the municipal departments concerned, have held International Seminar of Xujiahui Shopping Center, Experts Consulting Meeting of Functional Development of Xujiahui Shopping Center and Compact District of Scientific and Technological Development Strategy Seminar of Xujiahui in succession in October of 1993, February of 1997 and September of 2000. In November of 2002, the district government, together with Shanghai Foreign Economic and Trade Commission, held the International Seminar on WTO and Development of Xujiahui, which focused on opening to the outside world in wider range, with more domains and at deeper level, while keeping new pattern of sustainable development, with the subject of "secondary center of city and commercial affair development". On the meeting, they have confirmed the new round development objectives of Xujiahui, which is to make Xujiahui one of world-class secondary center of city.

In 2002, Xujiahui Commercial Center got considerable development. Under the lead of the District Commerce Commission, they launched successively the festival celebration theme activities such as "Chinese knot - heart with Xujiahui" etc. based on Xujiahui Square during the golden weeks of the three holidays –Spring Festival, May Day and National Day, impenetrated with themes of improving "commercial culture, brand show and marketing". Those activities further attracted the crowds of people so that the volume of passengers in Xujiahui Commercial Center breached 1 million per day during the festivals or holidays, promoting the development of leisure economy effectively. The sales amount of six major department stores in three golden weeks increased by 10.26% , 8.32% and 8.64% respectively compared with that of last year.

The adjustment of state and structure in the commerce of Xujiahui has stressed on the culture, recreation and amusement functions, developing towards the dimensionalization, brandalization, fashionalization and specialization even more. The Oriental Shopping Center introduces more than 50 foreign famous brands; The Scholar Book Store opens a store with area of 6500 ㎡ in Metro City; The first digital cinema, and Yongle cinema, appears in Shanghai Grand Gateway. The annual gross sale amount of all stores in Xujiahui Commercial Center, including Shanghai Grand Gateway, Oriental Shopping Center, Pacific Shopping Center, Shanghai No.6 Department Store, Hui Jin Department Store, Hui Lian Department Store and IT centers such as Buynow Information Center and Pacific Computer Center, is up to 5.769 billion yuan.