Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Zone

Science & Technology Innovation Center of Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Zone will increase a new base. Recently, the first-phrase project of “Caohejing Hi-tech Zone Scientific and Technological Industrialization Building” nominated by Shanghai mayor, Xue Kuangdi , with an area of 38,000 sq. ms is about to be completed. The Science & Technology Center will be responsible for its operation and management. This will also be the fourth science base focusing on IT technology of the Science Center.

The Introduction of the Science & Technology Industrialization Building
The Science and Technology Industrialization Building, one of the key landmark buildings in Caohejing Hi-tech Zone, is located in No.900Yishan Road, the central part of Caohejing Hi-techZone, 7 kms from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and 11 kms from the municipal mansion in the city’s center and has a convenient traffic system with public transport route such as No. 89, 120, 205 and 809 nearby and the special mini-buses between the development zone and Hongmei Road Station of the subway. The Scientific and Technological Industrialization Building is equipped with complete supporting facilities of electric power, communication, water supply and fuel gas, and the designed capacity of electric power is 180KM per floor with a weight capacity of 300 kg per sq. m. It has houses of different specifications (60-90,300-500 and 800-1500 sq. ms; with air conditionings or without air conditionings; the fourth and fifth floors divided into small areas, decorated and equipped with central air conditionings) for scientific researches, experiments and production, and the public facilities such as exhibition halls, reporting halls, assembly rooms, talking rooms and dining halls, which can be used by the entering enterprises. At the same time, Caoheijing Hi-Tech Zone will build a data center in the Scientific and Technological Industrialization Building, so it will become the first digital building in the zone. It will have a highly intelligent system, which includes satellite antennas, closed-circuit televisions, community antennas and dual-way transmissions, which has made a preparation for the integration of the three nets and the channels of microwave communication; the digital center will connect with the domestic main networks by broadband network.

The Service System of Science and Technology Industrialization Building
The Innovation Center sticks to the principle of “hatching enterprises paramount and pursuing successes and excellence important”, and it has passed ISO9002 International Quality Management System Certification. The center will provide the high-efficiency and good-quality services for the whole development process of entering enterprises, which cover the aspects of field, commerce, technique, management, market, capital, training, listing and so on and do its best to satisfy the needs of entering enterprises. At the same time, after the Scientific and Technological Industrialization Building is finished, the related government administrative organs and intermediary service institutions will also enter into it. The government organs include industrial and commercial bureaus, tax bureaus, lawyers’ offices, financing exchange, technology property right exchange, fruit transformation center, talent exchange center and so on, while the intermediary service institutions include accounting firms, banks, guarantee firms, assets evaluating firms, consulting firms, express delivery service institutions and so on. Besides, the Scientific and Technological Industrialization Building will also introduce related venture capital institutions. The entry of such institutions will form a strong supporting system serving the science & technology enterprises in the Scientific and Technological Industrialization Building.

Shanghai Kehui Hi-Tech Innovation Service Center
Shanghai Kauai Hi-Tech Innovation Service Center is located in Meilong area in the southwest of the city (No.777Yongjia Road, Xuhui district), close to the well-know institutions of higher learning such as East China University of Science & Technology, Postgraduate Department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai University Meilong Branch and next-door to Meilong Industrial Park, Xinzhuang Industrial Park, Caohejing Hi-Tech Park and Xu Jiahui commercial center,and has a convenient traffic system.

It is beautiful, tidy and spacious with the base covering an area of 8,800 sq. ms (13.2 mus), the floor areas reaching 6,860 sq. ms and the green areas 2,000 sq. ms. There is, a eight-floor incubator building with various specifications which can meet the needs of different kinds of enterprises and a new-built comprehensive building with novel design, reasonable structure, modern incubating houses integrated with multi-function services. It is equipped with the complete facilities such as water, electricity, gas, and communication with a 630KVA transformer capacity, Dg100 gas pipe and 10MV optical cable special cut-in network. There are facilities such as power, air conditioning and communication computer network in each set of hatching unit.

The base has all the necessary service facilities and functions and is divided into three zones of incubating, commerce and catering. The incubating areas are 6,000 sq. ms, the dining hall can hold 100 persons, while the commercial zone can provide comfortable places and good services for the entering enterprises in the aspects of holding various conferences, technique exchange, academic reports, education and training, technique and product shows, business talks, entertainment and so on.

The service aim of Shanghai Kehui Hi-tech Innovation Center is “to incubate innovation and to help development”. It will make best of its advantages in science & technology, talented people, information and facilities and make every effort to provide completely new services from a high starting point and bring up hi-tech cross-century enterprises and outstanding entrepreneurs.

Shanghai Withub Hi-tech Innovation Center
Shanghai Withup Hi-tech Innovation Center is a non-profitable service organization jointly founded by Science & Technology Commission of Shanghai, Xuhui District Government and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The incubator’s functions are science & technology innovation, and transferring and cultivating of Hi-tech enterprises as well as entrepreneurs.

Shanghai Withup Hi-tech Incubator Base is a science & technology base, which is fully invested by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and directly administrated by Shanghai Withub Hi-tech Business Incubator. It is an incubator in Shanghai Jiao Tong University Science Park.

Huajing Industrial Zone
Huajing Industrial Zone is located in the east of Old Humin road, 15-minute bus ride from Xu Jiahui commercial center and is mainly used as the development bases for new material enterprises and machinery & electronics enterprises. The zone covers an area of about 321 mus and is divided into south part and north part by Huajing road passing through from east to west. The total area of the south part is about 238 mus, north part is about 83 mus. The ground of the zone is flat and a cross concrete main road has been constructed, and the rainwater & sewage pipes have been buried and the water & power supplies are guaranteed. Some projects have been entered into the zone and are enjoying the preferential policy of the development zone. Both domestic and foreign enterprises are warmly welcomed to jointly invest and develop in the zone.

There are many vacant lots in Huajing Industrial Zone that can be used as the entering places for new material enterprises, and machinery & electron enterprises.

The total area of lot A and lot B is 30 mus. Thereinto, the area of lot A is 25 mus, which is suitable for ultra-fine materials (nanometer materials) enterprises; the area of lot B is 5 mus, which can be used as the second-phase development places for enterprises in lot A.

The area of lot C is 35 mus, the area of lot D is 11 mus, which was formerly the place of Mason Wood Industry Co., Ltd; the area of lot E is 10.5 mus. The vacant lots C, D and E will mainly accept new material enterprises represent by East China University of Science & Technology, thus can be formed into its industrial park

The area of lot F that was formerly the office places of Jianhua village is 17.5 mus, and there are many office buildings and small western-style buildings in it that can be used as office buildings to conduct commercial activities.

Lot G, which was formerly medicinal material storehouse, is 9.09 mus and suitable for the information and electronics enterprises.

The total area of lot H is 50 mus, which consists of the former Longcao Automobile Parts Factory (20.44 mus) and a vacant lot (29.56 mus). There are many workshops with complete supporting facilities in lot G, which are suitable for the machinery manufacturing enterprises.