The Introduction of Shanghai Xuhui Software Base

In the past few years, based on Shanghai, Xuhui Software Base has given full play to the geo-advantages of the urban center of Shanghai, and made great efforts to promote the transformation of scientific and technical research results, while had strengthened government’s service functions through setting up high-efficient commercialized operation mechanism, and forming the industrialization support service system on the distinctive fast-developing way.

Especially since the 2002, driven by the municipal governments’ strategy of developing information industry preferentially, and the district government’s development plan that regards software industry development as new growth engines of the district, Xuhui Software Base paid special attention to the integration of the resources of enterprises, and opened up the value-added services, took a broad view of the whole country and going out to the world, and built up the brand name of the base, and thus realized a development by leaps.

1. Serving the enterprises and building up the brand

The Xuhui Software Base keeps on the consistent "nurse service" consciousness, placing serving enterprise above the other things all the time, while seeking the resources of various fields for enterprises’ development and reducing the commercial costs of enterprises.

First of all, we offer the unblocked channel for enterprises’ project and fund application. The development of enterprises can not continue without financial support, so that the Software Base actively support enterprises’ fund-raising activities for financing their projects. In the past few years, many enterprises successfully transformed their research achievements after obtaining "Project Fund for Developing the Northwest of China" and the innovative fund, or the development fund of District Informationization Commission and outstanding scientific and technological industrialization fund of State Scientific and Technological Commission of the District, as well as the support of 863 Program Fund of State Scientific and Technological Commission of Shanghai etc..

Secondly, we seek the support of social resources. The Xuhui Software Base insists on the services of "four bridges" between the enterprise and government, the enterprise and market, the enterprise and finance and within enterprises. We prepared actively to construct "Software Association of Xuhui", which had independent legal person qualification and made up of software enterprises and individual members. The establishing of the Association will safeguard the member’s legitimate rights and interests, and strengthen the function of member services, thus improving enterprise’s own values, and promoting the development of our software industry in the district. Regarding the Software Association as handhold, the Software Base has launched a lot of salon activities, promoting the horizontal connection among software enterprises, and strengthening mutual supplement with each other’s advantages and integration of the resources among them.

In addition, we also offer value-added service for enterprises. Among our "six centers", the Financial Value-added Service Center is set up to create a good capital market. The Base has established good partnership cooperation with many venture capital firms outside, and set up Xuhui Software Investment Management Company run by a team whose leader is Mr. Ji, a returned overseas Chinese student with P.H.D. degree who came back from Silicon Valley of U.S. to start an career with eight international patented software products, and who understood the internationalized standards and mode of enterprise’s value-added services very much. Their product of " Market Define Standard and Demonstrate Platform of Hi-Tech" got fund from " 863 " special subsidies of Shanghai State Scientific and Technological Commission, and they are cooperating with the Property Right Exchange of Shanghai, Shanghai Technology Property Right Exchange. Over 2,000 members of the two exchanges around the country and commercial investors all over the world could use this platform to seek the cooperative chances. This will form an internationalized capital market around the Base, offering value-added services and financing for enterprises in the Base.

2. Associating with outside, cooperating inside and consolidating sources

The Xuhui Software Base is associating constantly with software developing organizations from the district or Shanghai, and even other domestic and international software enterprises, supplementing each other with their respective advantages and consolidating sources.

The Xuhui Software Park of Jiao Tong University, which became one of the first batch of authorized "software industry bases" of Shanghai in January 2002, was established by Xuhui Software Base and Jiaoda Withub Center as an alliance of two strong parties. It got the " Best Display Award " given by the Shanghai Information Office, Shanghai Foreign Economic and Trade Commission and Shanghai Personnel Administrative Bureau in the Shanghai International Software, Integrated Circuit and Internet Trade Show, and vice-mayor Yan and the leaders of Information Office all showed congratulations and support to it, encouraging and wishing cordially that the Software Park grew up fast.

The Base also welcomed the top talent’s office of Australia, four entrepreneurs and officials from Ipswich Regional Association of Industry and Commerce and Bremer Vocational Technical School, and US Information Technology Office(USITO) established by three main associations of technical industry of information in U.S.A. including American Electronic Association(AEA), Software and Information Industry Association(SIIA), Telecommunications Industry Association( TIA )

3. Oriented towards the whole country and going to the world

In order to promote the further development of the software industry of Software Base, the Base has obtained leap-type development by cooperating with various parties and obtaining advantages of each other.

Cooperating with Caohejing Developing Zone and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, The Xuhui Software Base has set up the Southwest Software Centre of Shanghai. It combines resources of software industry in the Xuhui district effectively, becoming the important handhold of district government on the development of software industry; Secondly, it has created the wide space and new platform for the mutual supplement with each other’s advantages and resource-sharing, relying on the industry foundation of the national-level high and new technology development zone of Caohejing Developing Zone, scientific manpower resource of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and service functions of the district government; Thirdly, the Southwest Software Center, which lies in the flourishing urban area, fully utilizes existing house property resources, network communication resources, exploring the new mode and new train of thought for building the modernized first-class software centre at the minimum cost.

In 2003, in order to carry out the spirit of "Document No. 47", and do a good job on imports and exports of the software, the Software Base pays attention to internationalization, attracting the foreign high-tech enterprises to enter the garden. Thanks to the positive coordination and endeavor of The Xuhui Software Base, we successfully introduced Morishima(Shanghai) Electric. co. Ltd., Shanghai Si Ce software Co. Ltd., Computer Engineering & Consulting (Shanghai) Ltd. (listed company of CEC Group) into the Software Base during SARS rampancy in April and May, and the establishment of these companies will promote the software subcontract from the whole Japanese market, making a breakthrough for expanding the export of software to Japan and providing the explosive opportunities for the domestic software developers who gather in Shanghai.

4. Configuring the hardware and expanding the scale

Xuhui Software Base has five bases, where the total construction area is up to 45,000 ㎡. With the development of enterprises in the Base, we have started the second block construction of Xuhui Software Base - Xuhui Software Constituting Center, a 5A grade Hi-Tech mansion of 20,000㎡, which held an area of 3,840 ㎡ with a construction area of 20,660 ㎡, equipped with easy access, complete public service facilities and numerous high-tech talents with strong scientific and technological atmospheres. As one of the most important bases of the Xuhui Software Base, Xuhui Software Constituting Center, which should be completed next October, would concentrate on giving play to function of "one base with six centers" of the Base, and become a landmark building of the information industry in the Xuhui District. When built up, it will also strengthen the branding effect of Xuhui Software Base greatly, promoting the exchanging of complementary advantages among enterprises, then forming the industry chain and accelerating information industrialization process of our Base.

Furthermore, as a part of Shanghai Southwest Software Center, Pu Yuan Software Base, holding an area of more than 10,000 ㎡, is also in course of promoting and attracting investments and will be a strong support for Xuhui Software Base after its establishment.