Huajing Industrial Park & East China University of Science and Technology Industrial Park

Huajing Industrial Park realized the sales income of 240 million.

Huajing Industrial Park, which covers an area of 239,000m2, now has various 12 old and new enterprises after 3 years development. There are 3 foreign-funded enterprises such as Shanghai Accurate Model Plastics Co., Ltd. from Singapore and 3 printing companies such as Shanghai Tiandihai Design Co., Ltd. and the other 6 hi-tech enterprises such as Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Rebone Biomaterials Co., Ltd., etc. In 2002, the enterprises in the park realized the sales income of RMB 240 million, the profit of RMB 12 million and the tax of RMB 14 million.

The Nanometer Technology Industrial Building began to construct.

On August 6, the foundation laying ceremony of nanometer technology industrial building was held in Shanghai Nanometer Technology Industry Base of Huajing Industrial Park. The building covers a total area of 7,998m2 and a construction area of 9,600m2. Huajing Town invested RMB13 million to build the first phase construction with an area of 5,400m2. After building up, it will become a modern landmark building of Huajing Industrial Park. At the end of the year, the roof will be completed, on April 2003, the first phase of construction will be accomplished and at that time National Engineering Research Center of Ultrafine Powder (Huaming Hi-Tech (Group) Co., Ltd.) will enter. Meanwhile, the nanometer base is cooperating with the enterprises to set up a public platform of nanometer material technology in order to accelerate the industrialization process of the nanometer materials, reduce the repeat investment, lower the industrialization cost of the nanometer materials, build the good investment environment, attract more technology and fund of the enterprises and the scientific research institutions.

The Construction of East China University of Science and Technology Industrial Park was Completed.

On October 1, the new factory building of East China University of Science and Technology in Huajing Industrial Park was completed. The factory building, which was invested more than RMB 10 million by Huajing Town, covered a construction area of 7,400m2. Several school-owned enterprises, such as Shanghai Guoqiang Biochemical Engineering Installation Co., Ltd., Shanghai Duojia Water Treatment Science & Technology Co., Ltd., and National Engineering Research Center of Ultrafine Powder (Huaming Hi-Tech (Group) Co., Ltd.), etc, will enter. The completion of the new factory building symbolized the cooperation of East University of Science and Technology and Xuhui District had been turned from investing on the school-owned enterprises for system reform to the general cooperation, which will improve the industrialization of the regional technology.

The Construction of Guanggang Green Technology Park was started.

Round the whole functional development of Xuhui District, Huajing Town started to build Guangang Green Technology Park. In August, Huajing Group Property Investment Center, Shanghai Longhua Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Guangang Industrial Co., Ltd. invested RMB 40 million together to establish Shanghai Guangang Technology Development Co., Ltd. and started the construction of the park according to the requirements of More Green, Less Volume and No Pollution. The park, which planed to cover an area of 286,700m2, was planed to build for 3 years (2003~2005). At the end of 2002, the construction of the latticing road and foundational supporting facilities were started and the standard factory building was planed to build from the beginning of 2003 by stages.

Nanometer Material Measurement Center Completed 30 Measuring Items.

Set up in August 2001, Shanghai Nanometer Material Measurement Center was located in 777 Jiachuan Road, Shanghai Kehui High-Tech Innvovation Service Center. The first members of center included SIMTT (Shanghai Institution of Measurement and Testing Technology), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Research Institute of Material, East China University of Science and Technology and Shanghai Nano-meter Material Incubator, etc. Its purpose was to improve the comprehensive ability of the measurement on nanometer material in Shanghai, provide the service of the measurement and evaluation on nanometer material in Shanghai and China, form the regulation and standard of the measurement progressively and be the authoritative institution in the field of the measurement on nanometer material which is in the lead domestically and is advanced internationally. The center had totally 45 large measurement apparatuses of nanometer material such as the transmission electron microscope/alpha ray spectrometer, fourier spectrometer, scanning electron microscope, scanning probe/tunnel microscope, plasma launching spectrometer, laser granularity analyzer, dynamic light scatting laser granularity analyzer, specific surface area/porosity analyzer, heat analysis system, high resolving power mass spectrograph, plasma mass spectrograph, atom absorbing spectrometer, omnipotent material testing machine, etc. The equipments can do jobs such as the analysis on the size, feature and structure of the nanometer material powder, the analysis on the structure of the nanometer membrane material, the evaluation on the structure and functions of nanometer massiveness material (including the organic and the inorganic nanometer massiveness material and the strengthened nanometer material). The center had a professional staff and a management staff of totally 60 members and more than 50% of them had the senior professional and technique titles. During the year, the Center had accomplished nearly 30 measurement items of more than 10 enterprises and research institutions and its structure and the level of the measurement was appreciated in the field.